Tony DeMeo

Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders

Commonsense Rules for Everyday LeadersIn 1975 I became the Head Football Coach at Iona College at the very tender age of 25 years old. I quickly came to the realization that being a Head Football Coach was a lot more about leadership than about Xs and Os. But where do I learn about leadership? And where do I learn it fast?

I’ve studied leadership for most of my life; looking for any secret, or tip that could make me a more effective leader. I’ve read almost every book I could get my hands on about the elusive skill of leadership. I’ve listened to tremendous speakers tell me about how I could be a better leader. I’ve heard leadership described as an “art”, a “science”, a “skill” and many other assorted things.

Generally the experts on leadership come from a variety of fields:

  1. Coaches of successful athletic teams.
  2. C.E.O.s of successful Businesses
  3. Military Leaders of victorious armies.
  4. Spiritual Leaders that bring out lessons from the bible.
  5. Political Leaders
  6. Fictional Leaders from television or novels
  7. Gurus on leadership – motivational speakers, etc.

So how do you pick where to get your information? Do you go to a coach’s secrets on leadership if you are in athletics or the world of business if you are an executive? How does studying Sun Tzu help you coach a little league baseball team?
What I tried to do in this book is take what I’ve learned through reading, listening, observation, and my own personal experience as a college football coach for 37 years and put it into a simple set of rules that will provide solutions to the many landmines you’ll encounter in your leadership experience. I’ve tried to give a variety of rules so you can be flexible and alter them to fit your personality. I don’t think there is a “one size fits all” leadership manifesto. This book gives you some tips that you’ll find fit and some you’ll reject but you’ll have a large menu from which to choose.

Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders is an easy read that is not only informative but also entertaining and even humorous at times. Everyone is a leader in some phase of their lives; maybe your head of your PTA or a Girl’s Scout Troop or your company’s softball team. Being a parent maybe the most important leadership role of all. There are rules in this book that could give you some worthwhile guidance.

These are some of the comments from those who read advanced copies of Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders

“I’ve known Tony DeMeo for over 25 years. I’ve known him as a leader, a mentor and a confidante. This book, Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders, has a wealth of information for people in every walk of life”
Frank Lenti
Head Football Coach, Mt. Carmel High School
Chicago, Illinois

Common Sense Rules for Everyday Leaders takes a straight-forward approach to leadership. The insights are insightful, practical and timeless. The lessons learned transcend the human population. From business to education to corporate America and even to parenting, there is something for everyone. It is a must-read for anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position. That applies to everyone. So, when people are looking to you for direction – LEAD.
Ralph Isernia
Head Football Coach, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom (or Dad) or working outside the home, you’ll benefit from reading Tony DeMeo’s new book. It’s a fun, easy readthat is both entertaining and thought provoking. This is not a football book……it’s a roadmap that will help people deal with the pressures and opportunities that exist in today’s crazy, fast-paced world.
Laurene Fielder
Co-Founder of PurchasingNet, Inc. and a licensed private pilot

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