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The New Triple Gun Play Action Pass Game DVD

The Triple Gun Offense has an excellent Play Action Pass package that is both high percentage and explosive at the same time. This is very important because it gives the play caller the freedom to call it more frequently. There are many advantages in The Triple Gun Play Action Pass, here are a few: 1. […]

All New Western NY Clinic DVD Available

This All New Western NY Clinic is now available. They are the sessions I did on the Triple Gun Offense. This DVD coves over 4 hours of lectures. The topics covered: Offensive Principles and Philosophy. This includes: Meaningful stats and how affect your offense. Building a better Slingshot if you are David facing Goliath. Also […]

November Webinar Updates

As we announced last month, we are going to start our first series of webinars in March, and we want you to be part of the process of selecting the topics. The two webinars will each be two hours long and will have time for questions. The topics will involve the running of The Triple […]


I’m extremely excited about some new projects that we are working on for this coming winter. They will be helpful to avid football coaches who are always searching for new ideas or improved techniques for old ideas. The first project is a series of football webinars. We are going to offer webinars that are interactive. With the […]