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Analytics vs Common Sense

The big Buzz Word in sports today is “Analytics” – percentage & probabilities. Every call a coach makes is backed up by analytics. In other words if I go for a 4th & 1 – analytics say that is a good call. However, analytics don’t tell the whole story, especially in football. Good old common […]

Non-Football Books to Read Before the Season

As a head football coach, I felt is was important to read some non-football books to get different perspectives on winning, success & leadership principles. I tried to read about anything that could help our coaching staff be better prepared to maximize the potential of our players. The books I listed here, I found very […]

Aristotle and Coaching Football

Aristotle and Coaching Football. What does an ancient Greek Philosopher know about coaching football? How can studying Aristotle help us get a first down? Was he an offensive guy or defensive? Aristotle said “The purpose of education is to pass on values” There is no doubt in my mind football is a big part of […]

Why The Patriots Win

The New England Patriots have clearly established themselves as a true football dynasty. They have dominated the NFL for the past two decades. The Patriots used to be a laughing stock for years, so how did this transformation take place? The first step was hiring Bill Belichick. Belichick had one shot at being a head […]

The Gratitude Rule

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Veterans Day just past, I decided to discuss “The Attitude of Gratitude”- an easy way to increase the joy in your life. The following is an excerpt from my book: Common sense Rules for Everyday Leaders. The Gratitude Rule “If someone gives you a car for free; don’t kick the […]

It All Starts With Discipline

Over the years I’ve given many clinics on offensive football. From The Multi-Bone to The Triple Gun, Xs & Os were always a significant part of our success because we were always unique in our approach. Teams only had a few days to prepare for us. So I’m aware of the difference Xs & Os […]

A Commonsense Rule for Start Your Season

As Pre-season camps begin across the country, hopes & expectations run high. Both players & playbooks are usually both too fat. Policy manuals with rules of conduct try to control every possible infraction. Here’s some quick predictions: 1. If the players & the playbooks don’t get slimmer, your expectations will never be met. The fat […]