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The Gratitude Rule

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Veterans Day just past, I decided to discuss “The Attitude of Gratitude”- an easy way to increase the joy in your life. The following is an excerpt from my book: Common sense Rules for Everyday Leaders. The Gratitude Rule “If someone gives you a car for free; don’t kick the […]

It All Starts With Discipline

Over the years I’ve given many clinics on offensive football. From The Multi-Bone to The Triple Gun, Xs & Os were always a significant part of our success because we were always unique in our approach. Teams only had a few days to prepare for us. So I’m aware of the difference Xs & Os […]

A Commonsense Rule for Start Your Season

As Pre-season camps begin across the country, hopes & expectations run high. Both players & playbooks are usually both too fat. Policy manuals with rules of conduct try to control every possible infraction. Here’s some quick predictions: 1. If the players & the playbooks don’t get slimmer, your expectations will never be met. The fat […]

Sometimes Talent Can Kill a Team

Every coach wishes he had more talent. “If we just had more speed” or “if we just had more size,” I have heard those groans before and even uttered a few myself. But be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. I have witnessed winning programs be destroyed by a talented […]

Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst

I’ve been in 40 years of staff strategy sessions in which every plan seemed to be infallible. There’s no way they can stop us… However, the late Harry Gamble taught me a very valuable lesson regarding game plans. When Coach Gamble was the Head Coach at the University of Pennsylvania & I was young offensive […]

The NFL’s Annual Crapshoot

The NFL’s 2018 Draft is coming up on April 28th & Mel the Sniper Kiper & the rest of the so-called experts running around are spouting their useless & pointless opinions. I call it a crapshoot because there are as many busts as there are legit hits. Every “expert” said Russell Wilson was too short […]

The Key to a Successful System

I believe in having a “System” of offense. Whether it’s the Wing T, The Run & Shoot, The Flexbone, The Air Raid or of course The Triple Gun. Systems are always more effective than a goody bag full of non-related or loosely related plays. However systems can go bad if you are not careful. Here […]

Winning the Six Minute Games

Everybody has a system of Game-planning. Some coaches script the first 15 or 20 plays, some coaches like Paul Johnson wing it based on his experience. Coaches color code & highlighters became their life-blood. But how about time-management? Well of course everyone has their 2 minute drill ready or their 4 minute victory offense and […]

The Top Eight Bowls to Watch

There is no question that there is a glut of bowl games, so unless you are single & living life alone as a hermit with cable TV, you can’t watch them all. So I have some criteria to trim down the list: 1. Never watch a game where the head coach & his staff have […]

The Law of Balance

One of the most over-used misunderstood terms in college football is “Balance”. Other than “there’s the Wildcat” every time a quarterback runs the ball, the ESPN crowd love to talk about balance. To them, balance is throwing & running for the same yardage or equal attempts. But I think of balance in multi-dimensional views. Sun […]