Tony DeMeo


Recently I have been a bit frustrated because I recommended a software program to a client and they haven’t started using the software even though there is minimal cost, it would help them get more productive and is easy to use.

Yesterday I found out why they haven’t started using the program. While I had explained why I thought it would help them, I didn’t make sure they understood what exactly it does. I had made the assumption that they would know the acronym, know what it does and know how it works. This was stupid on my part.

It’s important to use as few acronym’s as possible, cut out the jargon, use standard terms that everyone would be familiar with and to make sure they understand what you are meaning.

It’s easy to assume someone else is foolish for not understanding things that you understand but it’s the exact opposite. We are foolish for not making sure everyone understands. It’s OUR responsibility to make sure someone else understands us.

Have a great day!