Tony DeMeo

Go big

If you want to accomplish something significant in life you have to be willing to take chances.

Taking small steps, making minor changes will help you improve but if you want to go big you have to try something different and big.

As an example, Tesla didn’t decide to make a slightly better car, they decided to change the way cars work. Will it work as a long term business model for them? Maybe but they were willing to take a chance.

When Nike decided to sponsor Michael Jordan they paid a LOT of money (at the time) for someone they thought would work out but there was no guarantee. Did it pay off? Absolutely but at the time, it was a significant risk.

There are many other examples and the ones that worked out seem like “no brainers” but at the time, they were big risks.

If you are wanting to go big are you willing to take the chance?

Have a great day!