Tony DeMeo


We live in a world of information. If you have a question you can ask Google, Bing or various social media. You can look up information on wikipedia. You can ask Alexa.

Go back 100 years and Albert Einstein didn’t have access to any of these resources. How did someone like Einstein figure out so much with much more limited resources? First there is the obvious answer which is he was a true genius. The other thing he had going for him was a lack of distractions. He didn’t have access to everything we have today so instead had to figure things out himself. This means he didn’t have the ability to go online and read email, read tweets, post to facebook etc.

What if we all were to work to eliminate many of these distractions?

What if we turn off email for a period of time?

What if we turn of our cell phones?

What if we instead spend time in silence, actually thinking?

Some people might be worried about what they miss out on but what they don’t think about is what these distractions causes them to miss out on already.

Have a great day!