Tony DeMeo

The New Triple Gun Play Action Pass Game DVD

The Triple Gun Offense has an excellent Play Action Pass package that is both high percentage and explosive at the same time. This is very important because it gives the play caller the freedom to call it more frequently.

There are many advantages in The Triple Gun Play Action Pass, here are a few:

1. The Offensive Line in a 2 point stance makes the pass harder to detect & easier to protect.
2. The Smart Splits eliminates defensive stunts & twists
3. The Smart Splits creates throwing lanes for the QB which makes a short QB effective.
4. The same patterns are used for multiple backfield actions.
5. The protection scheme looks like the run blocking scheme with emphasis on double teams
6. It’s completely formation friendly
Our Play Action DVD covers the protection scheme and blitz pickups with diagrams and video. You can’t connect if you can’t protect.

We also go into detail about the patterns and route conversions. Theses route adjustments help make this a high percentage pass attack and is a big part of our “Strategic Flexibility” concept which is a cornerstone of the Triple Gun Offense. The play adjusts after the snap based on the defense.

The play of the QB is critical to any offense so again we plunge into all the QB’s reads & progressions. The Triple Gun has produced many record setting QBs over the years and many of those records are in the passing game. The QB is taught not to think but to respond to read more like a martial artist than a chess master.

This DVD is Volume 5 of our Virtual Playbook Series and it is full of valuable information on passing the football from an option offense. We into all our play action passes off The Gun Triple and Jet Sweep with detailed diagramming and video showing exactly how the play should look. Many of our Triple Gun coaches use these very DVDs to actually install the offense with their players.We show how to run a handful of patterns effectively and efficiently as part of an option oriented attack from multiple formations and backfield actions.

This DVD is put together using video, chalk & talk. Using the same format as the first 4 Volumes of The Triple Gun Playbook. A detailed DVD that’s over 2 hours long and a must have regardless of the offense you are using. I highly recommend it.

The price of the DVD is only $30 + S&H.