Tony DeMeo

All New Western NY Clinic DVD Available


This All New Western NY Clinic is now available. They are the sessions I did on the Triple Gun Offense. This DVD coves over 4 hours of lectures. The topics covered:

  1. Offensive Principles and Philosophy. This includes: Meaningful stats and how affect your offense. Building a better Slingshot if you are David facing Goliath. Also the Basics of the Gun Triple including Smart Splits. Blocking Assignments and QB Reads
  2. The Triple Gun Double Options which include: Double on the Run, Speed Option, and Stud Options. This segment is an excellent segment of how to get on the perimeter and get “speed in space”.
  3. Pass Game Principles for an option based offense. This really separates the Triple Gun Offense from other option offenses. Creating a balanced offense while running The Gun Triple stretches the defense and exploits a defense that loads the box. I go into detail on the Quick game including routes, QB reads and protection. I also cover using multiple formations and motions with the quick passing game.

In every session there are questions and answers and video cutups. The audience asks some interesting questions that you might benefit from as well.. I highly recommend this DVDs – it’s a nice DVD that is only $20 plus shipping & handling that can be purchased through Paypal. I have a limited supply so it will be first come – first serve.