Tony DeMeo

The Best of Tony DeMeo

My latest book, my first EBook, is a compilation of all the articles, book reviews, interviews and other writings from my website The book is divided & organized into easy to read sections on topics from ranging leadership to coaching techniques.
These are some of the areas covered:

  1. Book Reviews – in this section, I cover some of the books that I’ve read that I feel would be beneficial to everyone. I give a quick synopsis & that will give you some highlights from the book.
  2. Excerpts from my book, Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders – this section includes some chapters from my leadership book that I felt were relevant to a particular situation.
  3. Interviews – in this section, I have interviews that I had with a variety of coaches covering their philosophies, their strategy, and their advice to other coaches.
  4. Tactics for Winning Football – a section of a variety of game tactics and stratagems that I’ve used over the years that have given my team “the slight edge.”
  5. The Triple Gun – this section includes articles that I’ve written on The Triple Gun Offense. Pass and run game concepts and techniques are discussed.
  6. Practice – how to get the most out of each practice, making every minute count. Also what situations to practice and how to grade practice.
  7. Team Building – methods we used for turning programs around and building and maintaining team morale.
  8. Leadership – a section devoted to the art of leadership. Some ideas that I’ve picked up from my 40 years of coaching.

This is a good resource of ideas that can be helpful to all coaches regardless of the level of coaching. This book is a bargain at only $9.95 and I would recommend it even if it wasn’t my book.