Tony DeMeo

All You Want to Know About Running The Gun Triple Option

The Gun Triple is the core play of The Triple Gun Offense. It is a run game in itself. It’s a play that can be run 25 to 30 times a game. It combines both the finesse of option football while still maintaining a downhill physical dimension. The Gun Triple is a sideline to sideline play that threatens the entire width of the field. Because the Gun Triple is so difficult to slow down, the defense becomes vulnerable to the rest of the offense.

We have previously put out 6 DVDs to teach The Triple Gun Offense: An Overview, The Double Option, The Quick Game, The Complete Jet Sweep Series, The Play Action Pass Game and a DVD with the Drills to teach the Offense. Now this updated Gun Triple DVD zeroes in on the base play of the offense. Included in this DVD:

1. How to attack various defenses with The Gun Triple using a variety of formations to get the look you want.
2. How to use formations & blocking to get the ball to the ball carrier you want to get a touch.
3. The secret of “Smart Splits” which is legalized cheating.
4. Using motions to create a “head-start” & destroy tendencies.
5. Why the Flash Pass is always the QB’s first option.
6. How to handle a stemming defense.
7. Running Counter Triple Options to get blocking angles on LBs
8. The simplest blocking scheme on the planet.
9. There are 16 videos on this DVD with corresponding diagrams
10. The ways to use formations to make the Quarterback’s reads easier thus making the Gun Triple low risk.

This is a comprehensive DVD that is the definitive video on running the Triple Option from the Shotgun. It is about learning the details of the execution of arguably the best play in football. I strongly recommend this DVD to any devotee of option football. It is two hours of Gun Triple Football and a must for your football library.

The cost of this DVD is $30 & $4.95 for S&H.

I will also include access to Indoor Drills for free.