Tony DeMeo

Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Vol. III: The Quick Game

The Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Vol. III uses the same template we used in Vol. I & II. We use video, chalk & talk to go over all the details of The Tripe Gun Quick Game.
Vol. I was an overview of the entire Triple Gun Offense with 10 plays showing the diversity and flexibility of the Triple Gun Attack. In Vol. II we focused on one phase of The Triple Gun Offense: The Double Option. In Volume III we go into the details of the Quick Game and the Boot off it.

I chose the Triple Gun Quick Game for this topic because it can be used with any offense. The Quick game is an essential part of today’s game especially for a team that must control the clock. It fits in perfectly with the Triple Gun Principle of “Strategic Flexibility” because the play changes after the snap of the ball.

The Triple Gun Quick Game not only uses route conversions with a set of simple receiver rules but also converts to a bootleg pass as an escape for the Quarterback if he doesn’t like the front side routes. Strategic Flexibility at its best.

This video is over two hours long and includes eleven Triple Gun Quick Passes explained by talk, chalk and video explained in detail. We go into detail about protection vs all the popular fronts and blitzes. There is also a section on the philosophy on the concepts of The Triple Gun Quick Game and the Bill Walsh influence on the Triple Gun.
The Triple Gun Quick Game provides another way of controlling the clock with a high percentage attack that still has a big play component. The combination of the Gun Triple and Quick Game is very tough to defend.

This is the best DVD we have put together thus far. It is essential for Triple Gunners but will also be a big help to any offense. I strongly recommend this DVD and can guarantee you’ll find it a great tool for teaching your players the Quick Pass Game.

The price is only $30 plus S & H. Order through Paypal.