Tony DeMeo


In business MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product. This is frequently the goal when creating a prototype or proof of concept.

The problem is when companies get to the MVP and then…stop. They decide that ok is good enough. They accept minor bugs. They accept a shortage of quality. They accept adequacy when others are striving for excellence.

Always keep in mind that the M in MVP stands for minimal and isn’t complete.

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It’s easy to look at data and see numbers.

It’s important to understand that numbers frequently represent real people.

If you lose site of this simple concept you sometimes make decisions without regard for the people behind the numbers…and that is a shame

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The first time you try something you will usually feel uncomfortable.

If you stop because of being uncomfortable, you will never master anything because you rarely are comfortable doing anything the first time. It’s only after repetition and continuous improvement that you will become comfortable and start to master tasks.

Be willing to work through discomfort.

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It’s easy to look for trends and there are good reasons for doing so.

The problem is when you are looking too early.

An example would be to see a two people racing and one moves extremely quickly. If you look at this trend too quickly you might not notice that they aren’t sprinting but rather falling quickly.

Being patient to see an accurate trend is more important than finding the trend early.

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A different way

Sometimes when we try to accomplish something, we get too caught up on doing it OUR way as opposed to finding the BEST way.

The thing we have to remember is our way is not always the best way and considering all options might allow you to find the best way.

A different way may, or may not, be the best way. Doing the same thing that doesn’t work is never the best way

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One chance

You only need one chance to be a success.

The problem is, it might not be the first chance you take.

Keep taking chances until the right one occurs. If you keep waiting for the right one, you will never get anything accomplished.

The next chance might be the right one…or the one after that or the one after that. Keep trying.

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Sometimes not being in control is extremely difficult

Some people seem to be in control in most aspects of their life. They might be good at controlling aspects of their life. They manage time well, they manage cash flow well, they manage people well.

Then there comes an instance when these people aren’t in control. This can be a scary time for a person who is used to being in charge. Being dependent upon someone elses timeline or decision making can be frightful but this is when you have to trust the things you can control.

  1. Surround yourself with people you trust.
  2. Make sure everyone understands what is expected
  3. Monitor everything so you know what is happening
  4. Trust the people you have surrounded yourself around

If you do these 4 things, you might not be in control, but you can trust the people who are in control.

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Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes is one of the, if not the best, ways to learn.

The thing to understand is if you are willing to observe with an open mind, you can learn from other peoples mistakes as well as your own.

It costs less, and hurts less, to learn from other peoples mistakes than it does from our own but it also requires an open mind and a willingness to learn in order to do so.

Just a thought.

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One of the best ways to appreciate what you have is to try something different.

When you try different things one of two things will happen. Either you will find a new thing to do/way to do things OR you you will find that your current way is the best way.

Even if you find your old way is the best way the appreciation you gain will be worth the effort.

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You can control your own schedule but it’s important to remember you can’t control time.

You might decide to delay a project but this might result in someone else beating you to market.

You might decide to put off trying something but that doesn’t mean someone else somewhere else isn’t starting right now.

You can control your own time, you can’t control the time.

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