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Follow through

Making a plan is wonderful. Setting deadlines is wonderful. Allocating resources is wonderful. None of these accomplish anything without follow through. Planning without doing is just talking. Deadlines without action is just a calendar. Follow through on ideas and good things will happen. Talk without action results in failure. Have a great day! Lawrence


Fear can be a wonderful motivator. As an example, if you are afraid that you wont be able to afford to eat tonight, it will probably motivate you to find a way to make money. The thing to realize is fear can also cause rash and poor decisions. Using the same example as above, the […]


Most people know it’s important to prioritize things of importance. The problem with prioritizing is there are always things that come up that we don’t expect. While we can’t anticipate what exactly might come up unexpectedly, we do know things will come up so have to allocate time, money and people appropriately. Too often, people […]


Making the simple more complex doesn’t make much sense to me. Making the complex more simple should be all of our goals. Simplifying makes life easier and people will pay for that. Making something more complex just annoys people. Just a thought! Have a great day! Lawrence

Common goal

People working together with common goals can accomplish great things. People working together with different goals will usually fail. Before you start any type of collaboration, start with the goals. Have a great day! Lawrence


You can try to slow progress down. You can try to stop progress altogether No matter how hard you try, all around you there will be progress. You can either join in or pretend it doesn’t exist but progress is everywhere. Why not join in? Have a great day! Lawrence

Anticipating change

You can anticipate when change is going to happen. You might even be right. You can anticipate what change is going to happen. More times then not you wont be right. The people who will always struggle will be the ones who do everything they can to make sure change doesn’t happen. Eventually change will […]

Wasting time

We all waste time. Some of us waste more than others. The thing to remember is we all have the right to waste our own time. We do NOT have the right to waste other peoples time. This means being late for meetings with them (making them wait) or giving people tasks that aren’t necessary. […]


What do you think people will think of in the future, when they look back upon today? Will they be impressed? Will they be sad? Might it be worth trying to make some changes to today so looking back things will seem better? Have a great day! Lawrence

The right number

When working with groups, more is not always better. If you are trying to make decisions you want to have enough to have various opinions but not so many that the discussions bog down. Amazon is known for the 2 pizza rule (there shouldn’t be more people in the meeting than can be fed with […]