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Is it better to go fast but in the wrong direction or go a bit slower in the right direction. Most people would agree that the first step should be in the right direction but it’s amazing how few take the time to plan out their direction. Usually, the fastest way to a destination is […]

“The way we always have”

Whenever I hear that a business or organization is doing things “the way we always have” it makes me cringe. Are they doing things the same wrong way as they always have because…well just because? Are they not learning from their mistakes? Are they not looking to get better? Are they not wanting to grow […]


I hear a lot of talk about equality these days. Equal rights for all religions. Equal right for all races Equal rights for the sexes. Why not do the right thing, albeit the difficult thing, and strive to do what is fair to all. People are not the same so to strive to treat them […]


I read recently about a person having one of their home appliances stop breakdown and they didn’t have the money to replace it. This person went to a rent to own type business and then asked his employer to review the contract they wanted him to sign. Over a two year period, the contract was […]


You will never learn something while talking. You will almost always learn something while listening. Focus on listening, it will make you a better person. Have a great day! Lawrence

Occam’s Razor

It’s amazing how much we try to complicate matters. Given the choice between simple and complex, we tend to choose complex…and then complain how complicated things are. Occam’s Razor is a problem solving principle that says when presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the one with the fewest assumptions. Occam’s […]

The right tools

Abraham Maslow once wrote “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. How often do you find yourself with the wrong tools and try to figure out how to use them rather than finding the right tools to use. Just a thought. Have a great day! Lawrence

Simple Time Management

If you don’t allocate time for the important items, the urgent issues will take up all of your time and the important things will never get done. Have a great day! Lawrence


People tend to overreact all of the time (maybe this statement is an overreaction but I’m not sure) and I believe it’s about time for people to realize their are ebbs and flows in all aspects of life and to expect only one is a bit of an unrealistic expectation. An example of this would […]

Focus on the question

When trying to solve problems people tend to spend too much focusing on the answers when they should focus on the problem When you focus on the answers you are looking at ways to improve previous proposed solutions. When you focus on the question, you explore all options, without the preconceived notions that come from […]