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The counter

Throughout our lives we are made offers, proposals, suggestions etc. Sometimes we assume the options are yes or no. It’s important to understand that other times, the options might include the opportunity to make a counter offer. The challenge is knowing when a counter offer is expected, when a counter offer is acceptable and when […]


Successful collaboration should always be greater than the sum of the parts. If A=1 and B=2 with successful collaboration you will want A+B to be greater than 3. If A+B=3 or A+B<3 then collaboration is a failure. If we keep this in mind when looking at possible collaborations, it makes decision making a lot easier […]

Difference of opinion

Having a difference of opinion is refreshing. Being around people who all have the same opinion can be boring. Respecting other peoples opinions allows for unusual opportunities in collaboration. Thinking your way is the only way might be right but will usually result in limited opportunities. Being open to others with a difference of opinion […]

Teach to think

Teach someone to do and if they learned properly, they can do that one thing. Teach someone to think and their options are limitless. The Socratic Method helps to teach people to think. Forced memorization teaches people to hate learning. Teach thinking, encourage creativity, and help people grow. Have a great day! Lawrence


If you want to be an innovator you have to realize you wont always be very popular. Innovators tend to be thought of as mavericks, crazy or eccentrics. Occasionally true innovators become popular but if it’s important to you to be popular, do what everyone else is doing. True innovators typically go in a completely […]


What if we focused on us and didn’t worry about what others were doing or what others were thinking? What if the time we spent telling people how great we were was spent instead…becoming great? What if the time we spent finding out what others were doing was instead spent on improving ourselves? Let others […]

Plan B

It would be wonderful if all of our plans worked. The reality is, this isn’t the case. We always need to have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work. It would be wonderful if Plan B was as good as Plan A but the reality is if Plan B was as good, or […]


What if our primary job was to find ways to hire more people? Think about the impact you could have on society by hiring more people? Keep in mind you can’t afford to hire more people if your revenue/profits don’t allow for it but if they do allow for the hiring of more people, you […]

Remove the identity

How many times have you respected an idea, product or project just because of who is behind the idea? What if you didn’t know who was behind it and instead had to judge based on merit, potential and opportunity? How many great opportunities were missed because of the person/people who were behind it? How much […]

Second to market

Many entrepreneurs want to be first to market. They figure if they can be the first to market, they will have a huge advantage. The problem is being first to marketing usually means having to create the marketing, which means educating the market on the reason to purchase. More times than not, the first to […]