Tony DeMeo

The last one

Today’s blog/email is the 2811th one I have written. It also is most likely the last one.

For those who don’t know, most if not all of the old posts can be found at

The first post was written on May 8th 2008 so this would be an average of 255 posts a year. In the beginning, the only subscribers were people I knew personally. 11 years later, most of the subscribers are people I have no idea how they heard about the blog, or where they came from. Before I had shut my site down and moved it to there were between 3000 and 5000 visitors a day reading the blog, once I moved the blog, I lost track of the number of visitors.

Hopefully this has been something people have found helpful. The blog will stay up for now (I have no plans to shut it down but also am making no promises). I am still available via email at

As always, Have a GREAT DAY!

There is always a chance I will make a random post and send it via email but maybe not