Tony DeMeo


People tend to overreact all of the time (maybe this statement is an overreaction but I’m not sure) and I believe it’s about time for people to realize their are ebbs and flows in all aspects of life and to expect only one is a bit of an unrealistic expectation.

An example of this would be in sports. Let’s use college football as an example. Two weeks into the current season people had Jeff Brohm (head coach of Purdue University) on the hot seat as a prime candidate to be fired before the end of the season. He went on to lose the next game to start the season 0-3 and people were wanting him to be fired. Since then, his team has won five of the next 6 games and people are considering him a prime candidate for some bigger jobs that are expected to open.

Was he a terrible coach after three games and then became an excellent coach? I doubt it very much. Is it taking him time to put his system into place? This seems to be the case. If he were to lose the next three games will people be screaming again? Absolutely.

As a long time fan of Manchester United I’m always amazed when they win a game and people declare “they are back and as good as anyone in the world” and when they lose “they suck and we need to fire the coach”. When they lose they aren’t as bad as people think and when they win they aren’t as good as people think.
It’s time we start thinking in terms of reality in sports and in life. Sometimes we have bad days. Sometimes we have good days. On the good days we haven’t proven we are ready take on the world and on our bad days we shouldn’t be ready to quit because life isn’t worth living.

Sometimes we just are who we are and we might be a lot happier if we learned to accept that while wanting to make ourselves a bit better.

Have a great day!