Tony DeMeo


I hear all the time “there are no opportunities out there”. I hear entrepreneurs saying “there is no investors out there”. I hear investors say “there aren’t any deals worth investing in”.

It’s easy to make these statements but none of them are true.

The problem is, in order to find opportunities you have to look. This means going to meetings that might not work out. It means talking to people who might not be the right people. It means looking at things with a different perspective and an open mind.

When entrepreneurs say there are no investors out there it makes you wonder about a few things. First, are they really working to find investors or are they sitting back and hoping someone finds them. People who raise money quickly realize it’s a full time job. They might pitch hundreds of people before they find the right one. They might be rejected hundreds of times before hearing “yes” or even “maybe”. If they don’t look at it as a job, maybe that is why they don’t find anyone to invest. The other thing to consider is whether you have an opportunity worth investing in. Sometimes it’s not “them” and it’s really “you”. It’s possible that there are people looking to invest but not in what you have to offer. You might have a bad idea. You might have a bad offer (meaning a good idea but not fair to the potential investor). It could be any number of things but sitting home complaining doesn’t answer any questions.

When investors say they can’t find good opportunities to invest in, they have to ask themselves “where are they looking”. Or, they might have to ask themselves “what are they looking for?”

If we all open our eyes, look at things with an open mind, consider ways to make a true “win/win” for all concerned, I believe we will see great opportunities all around us.

Have a great day!