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The last one

Today’s blog/email is the 2811th one I have written. It also is most likely the last one.

For those who don’t know, most if not all of the old posts can be found at

The first post was written on May 8th 2008 so this would be an average of 255 posts a year. In the beginning, the only subscribers were people I knew personally. 11 years later, most of the subscribers are people I have no idea how they heard about the blog, or where they came from. Before I had shut my site down and moved it to there were between 3000 and 5000 visitors a day reading the blog, once I moved the blog, I lost track of the number of visitors.

Hopefully this has been something people have found helpful. The blog will stay up for now (I have no plans to shut it down but also am making no promises). I am still available via email at

As always, Have a GREAT DAY!

There is always a chance I will make a random post and send it via email but maybe not

Plan vs. Action items

Some organizations create extremely long plans (5 year strategic plans etc) and after spending a lot of time developing them, they put these plans on the shelf never to be looked at again.

Personally, I would rather have a short list of action items that become a road map for getting things done.

A plan without action is no more valuable than a series of random words. Use your plans as a road map to success and not just as another exercise in futility.

Have a great day!



The first step in leadership is doing.

Anyone can yell. Anyone can preach. Real leadership is led from the first by doing.

If wondering the next step toward becoming a leader, start by doing.

Have a great day!



The more things you try to do, the more ideas will come to you. If you have run out of ideas, go try something (anything).

Experience (good or bad) is a great stimulus for the next great idea…go do something

Have a great day!


Save the world

Before you can save the world, you first should save yourself.

If you want to help other businesses in your community, start by fixing your own problems. Once you do this, you will have created the blueprint for the other businesses.

If you want to help with the opiod crisis, start with your local community and once you have taken your solution from theory to practice, it’s a lot easier to spread your ideas.

To save the world, start local and expand from there.

Have a great day!


What if

What if the people we don’t think would be good at something really are good?

What if a person who has never been given a chance is suddenly given a chance?

What if we gave people the benefit of the doubt until they didn’t deserve it any more?

What if we simply treated people fairly?

Have a great day!


Striving to be great!

When striving to be great, you have to accept that some people will think you suck.

To be the outlier who is willing to be different, people who want the norm will always think you are wrong, even if your “wrong” is better than the norm.

If this risk isn’t worth it for you, be like most and strive to be average…more people will like you

Have a great day!



We have all had to reschedule a meeting. Unexpected emergencies come up and we have to deal with them and most of the time, people understand.

The thing to keep in mind is rescheduling things simply because you can. A more important meeting comes up. A better opportunity comes up. Any excuse possible comes up.

Remember that rescheduling sends a pretty specific message to the other party that their time isn’t very important. If you are ok with that, fine. However, when most people realize the message they are sending, they start to rethink the idea of rescheduling (and maybe even the idea of scheduling in the first place)

Have a great day!


Researching a Disagreement

When you disagree with someone regarding an opinion or belief, rather than discounting their side, why not research their side.

In doing this type of research, you might learn that their opinion or belief is correct.

In doing this type of research, you might find some facts that further support your beliefs.

In doing this type of research, you might find a completely different perspective.

With any of these three possibilities, you will have more knowledge than you did if you didn’t do this research so what exactly is stopping you?

Have a great day!


Break it up

We frequently look at what parts can be added together to make the sum of the parts greater than the individual parts.

The alternative is to look at the sum and see are there things that can be separated because the individual parts might be worth more than the sum.

It’s difficult to look to break things up in an organization but when it increases value, it’s worth pursuing.

Have a great day!