Tony DeMeo

Preparing to win

Most people enjoy the experience of winning. Many are willing to put out the effort needed to win.

Unfortunately, few people are willing to put in the effort and time needed to prepare to win.

Without preparing to win, the experience of winning will happen occasionally. The more you prepare to win, the more likely you are to actually win.

Sadly the decision to win is our own and most of us choose not to do it.

Have a great day!


Do it right

Taking your time to do it right one time is almost always faster than rushing and doing it wrong three times.

Just something to think about.

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Would you hire you?

If you were looking to hire someone, would you hire someone with your skill set, your work work ethic, your attitude?

If your answer is no, are you starting to see a problem?

If your answer is yes, and you are being honest, you are on a good path.

Have a great day!



Sometimes people mistake complacency for patience. They are indifferent which leads toward inaction and use “patience” as the justification.

Patience and persistence can get you very far. Complacency and indifference will prevent all progress.

The best thing is you get to control whether you are indifferent or patient. This frequently is the difference between success and failure and no one but you can determine this.

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The best marketing

The best marketing is making sure your client based LOVES YOU.

If you do everything possible to keep your current client base happy, they will usually do everything possible to help grow your client base.

Just a thought!

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The difficulty in being an innovator

The difficulty in being an innovator is once you stop innovating others will catch up and eventually surpass you.

True innovators keep innovating so that when others start copying the successful things the innovators are doing, the innovators are on to the next thing.

Complacency in an innovator is the beginning of the end for them.

Just something to keep in mind.

Have a great day!


The problem with emergencies

The problem with emergencies is they are difficult to schedule for.

If you knew when they were going to happen and what would be required to address them it would be much better…but then they wouldn’t be an emergency.

However, you can allocate time and resources to prepare for the inevitable. You can train to deal with emergencies, you can have backup plans to prepare. You can have people on call. If you do that, you will be able to handle the emergencies much better.

Or, you can be surprised and say “why did this happen to me?”

Have a great day!



Indifference sucks.

Indifference means you don’t care.

Love something. Hate something. But care.

Have a great day!


Go big

If you want to accomplish something significant in life you have to be willing to take chances.

Taking small steps, making minor changes will help you improve but if you want to go big you have to try something different and big.

As an example, Tesla didn’t decide to make a slightly better car, they decided to change the way cars work. Will it work as a long term business model for them? Maybe but they were willing to take a chance.

When Nike decided to sponsor Michael Jordan they paid a LOT of money (at the time) for someone they thought would work out but there was no guarantee. Did it pay off? Absolutely but at the time, it was a significant risk.

There are many other examples and the ones that worked out seem like “no brainers” but at the time, they were big risks.

If you are wanting to go big are you willing to take the chance?

Have a great day!



We are all entitled to whatever opinions we want.

Just because we have an opinion doesn’t mean we shouldn’t research, investigate, test to determine the validity of our opinions.

Because we frequently don’t feel the need to determine the veracity of our opinions, it’s easy to stick with something that can be easily and quickly disproved.

It’s great to have strong opinions but take the time to learn more and see if there might be a different concept that can be factually validated.

Have a great day!