Tony DeMeo

Worth your time

There are many things we can do. The question is, whether each thing is worth doing or not.

You can fight for your cause but is it worth it?

You can make your argument but is it worth it?

You can do a lot of things but in each case, you need to determine whether it’s worth it or not.

Only you know what is and what isn’t worth your time, the key is to make a decision and not just do it because you haven’t thought about whether it’s worth it or not.

Have a great day!



If the odds are in your favor, anyone would do it.

People who wait for the odds to always be in their favor will be waiting a very long time.

Sometimes you have to change the odds or bet against the odds.

Have a great day!


What if

What if the position you are in with your company didn’t exist? What if you left and no one replaced you?

Would this have a tremendous impact on your organization short term? What about long term?

Do you think others would have the same answer as you?

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


Practice till you can’t get it wrong

I was watching an interview of Nick Saban the other day and he had a fascinating quote. “you practice until you can’t get it wrong, not till you get it right”.

How many people stop the first time they get something right? The problem with that is it’s not a habit it’s a “one off”.

When you practice till you have developed the habit of doing it right every time, then you are on to something.

It’s harder doing it this way but when you look at his success, you see that it works.

Have a great day!


Hunters and Gatherers

In sales we have hunters and gatherers.

Gatherers tend to pick up the low hanging fruit, wait for customers to come to them and fulfill the orders.

Hunters go out and actively find the leads. They call on potential customers. They search, they take chances, they hear a lot of “no’s”.

Hunters and Gatherers tend to be quite different personalities but a gatherer can be trained to be a hunter. It’s a different mindset but can be done.

Companies tend to fail when their salespeople are gatherers which works when business is good but when things turn bad, they can’t afford to sit around and wait (and hope).

If business is slow, don’t wait for the phone to ring, go out and make it ring.

Have a great day!



So much about tomorrow will be determined by what is done today.

Just a thought.

Have a great day!


Impact on others

Do you bring out the best in others or do you bring out the worst?

Either answer shows your leadership…whether good or bad.

Most people will answer “I bring out the best in others” so the next question is “are you sure about that or is that simply what you want to believe?

Have a great day!


A full week

If you do great work for 4 days and the 5th day you mess up bad, do you look at this as “80% isn’t bad” or as “I failed the last day?

We need to treat each day, each hour, each project as a new one and realize we typically get judged on our most recent result so what you did prior to that doesn’t matter as much.

If we focus on each day, each hour and each day, we would increase our likelihood of success.

Have a great day!



What you are now is not what you were then.

It’s easy to try to live in the past and forget that what you were isn’t what you are now.

It’s easy to think what you are now is what you will in the future.

What you were and what you are isn’t what you can be. Only you can truly determine what you will be.

Have a great day and a better future!



When researching a topic you might find something quite disturbing.

Think how much worse it would be if you never found it at all.

Have a great day!