Tony DeMeo

Questions & Answers with Greg Gregory

Greg Gregory has been a longtime offensive coordinator at Army, the University of Richmond, Ohio University and the University of South Florida. It seems where ever Greg goes success follows. USF just came off a big bowl win over Memphis, Richmond went the playoffs in his only season there, and Army has not been to bowl since he left.

Greg, though well known for his expertise as an option coach, has evolved in a multiple style of offense with an emphasis on balance.

Tony: Who were the three biggest influences in your coaching life?

Greg: The first is my Dad, Buddy Gregory who was a high school coach in Virginia. The second was Jim Young who I worked for at Army. Coach Young was really my mentor in my coaching career he really showed me the ropes. And the third was Bob Sutton who I also worked for at Army.

Tony: What is your offensive philosophy?

Greg: Balance. We want to run and pass from multiple formations and to be able to do either at any time from any place on the field. I’m not into throwing a certain number of times or gaining the same amount of yards running and passing. To me balance is running when you want to run the ball and throwing when you want to throw it.

Tony: You started out as a Wishbone Coach at Army, how did this evolution of your philosophy take place?

Greg: At Army we ran the Wishbone as a personnel choice. I have always liked to be balanced and throw the ball but the Wishbone at Army gave us the best chance of winning. Our goal was to shorten the game as much as possible and make it a one quarter game. We had to limit the number of possessions our defense had to play. So controlling the clock with the “Bone gave us a chance against superior talent.

Tony: Army was very successful using that strategy and really fell off the map when they abandoned it. What are some of the current trends you see in offensive football?

Greg: In college football, the trend seems to be to spread people out & have an athletic QB make plays. The college game is getting your playmakers the ball in space. The Pro Football trend seems to be a move back to a two back power attack using multiple tight ends. The emphasis seems to be protecting the QB and not having a lot of “hot throws” The NFL is using a lot of hard Play Action passes to bring the safeties down in the box. The college passing game is more about match ups and getting the ball in space.

Tony: With the success that Paul Johnson and his staff have had at Navy and this past year at Georgia Tech, do you think there will be a resurgence of option football?

Greg: If Paul and his staff can keep it going at Georgia Tech I think you’ll see a lot of teams going to some form of three back option football. By succeeding at Tech they will have shown that the option is not just for service academies.

Tony: Greg thanks for your time.

Greg: Thanks for having me on your website.