Tony DeMeo

McNally Retreat DVDs Available

Tony DemeoThe DVDs that I did at The Jim McNally Retreat are now available. They are only the sessions that I did. There are three separate DVDs covering almost four hours of lectures. The topics that are covered are:

  1. The Gun Triple Option – In this segment I discuss the actual assignments and technique but WHY we use those techniques. The segment includes running the gun triple from numerous formations and against various defenses. It also includes question and answers and video.
  2. The Supplemental Run Game – In this segment I cover the supplemental runs that complement The Gun Triple. I cover the assignments and technique and also HOW to pick out what runs to add to The Triple Gun Package. Also included are question and answers along with video.
  3. The Play Action Pass Game and The Triple Screen – in the last section I cover the Play Action Pass and The triple Screen. I show how to fit the Play action Pass into your play sequence and the actual patterns. Question and answers and video are included. The bonus is the Triple Screen which I cover at the end of the session.

It’s a nice package of DVDs that I would recommend. The three DVDs are $40 plus S & H. You can purchase them through Paypal. I don’t have many sets so it will be first come first serve.