Tony DeMeo


The core of The Triple Gun Offense is the Shot Gun Triple Option known as The Gun Triple. So why add the Jet Sweep Series to an option attack? What does The Jet Sweep Series give an option centered offense?

Some of the reasons for the Jet Sweep are:

  • It puts Speed in Space
  • It defeats a hard 5 technique & ILB blitzes
  • It is formation friendly including compressed & Empty
  • It takes QB out of perimeter game
  • It is simple & doesn’t require much additional learning or practice time

But why add a whole series?
The answer is simple. Tubby Raymond has been a huge influence on my offensive thinking and his philosophy was: A play that’s part of a series is far more effective than a stand-alone play. So we built a simple series around the Jet Sweep AND married it with the Gun Triple.

Now, how can we add an entire series of plays without adding new techniques and schemes? This question is the reason for our new DVD “Combining the Jet Sweep & the Gun Triple” In our newest DVD Volume 4 of our Triple Virtual Playbook Series we address this question in great detail.

In this DVD we go into the detail of using The Jet Sweep with the Gun Triple and how to create numbers advantages. We also go into the nuances of the complimentary plays that create a complete Jet Sweep Sequence. This series includes power plays, a reverse, play action passes and nakeds. We also show how to use this sequence in goal line and other situations. How to use the Jet Sweep series from various formations is also covered.
This DVD is put together using video, chalk & talk. Using the same format as the first 3 Volumes of The Triple Gun Playbook. A detailed DVD that’s over 2 hours long and a must have regardless of the offense you are running.

The price of the DVD is only $30 + S&H.