Tony DeMeo

Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Vol. II

The Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Vol. II is the same template as Vol. I. We use video, chalk & talk to go over the details of The Triple Gun Offense.

Vol. I was an overview of the entire Triple Gun Offense with 10 plays showing the diversity and flexibility of the Triple Gun Attack. But in Vol. II we focus on one phase of The Triple Gun Offense: The Double Option.

I chose the Triple Gun Double Option for this topic because these Double Options get the ball to the perimeter so if your offensive line is struggling inside you can get the ball to the edge and still move the ball on the ground. Also the simplicity of The Triple Gun Double Options give the opportunity to Youth League teams to run the Triple Gun.

This video is approximately two hours long and includes eleven Triple Gun Double Options explained by talk, chalk and video explained in detail. They include Speed Options, Stud Options, The Zone Read, The Counter Zone Read, The Gun Midline, Counter Speed Option, and using various formations to capture the flank.

I strongly recommend this DVD and can guarantee you’ll find it a great tool to teach your players the Triple Gun Double Options.

The price is only $30 plus S & H. Order through Paypal.