Tony DeMeo

All New Triple Gun DVD Vol.7: Gadgets & Gizmos

The “Gadget & Gizmo” DVD is Volume 7 in our Triple gun DVD Series. This is a unique DVD because it’s a DVD made up of “answer plays” not core plays. A core play is a play that’s good vs any defense & it can be run numerous times during the course of a game. An answer play is to exploit a specific defensive tactic.

This DVD is made up of 15 specific plays to exploit specific defensive adjustments. They include defensive adjustments to motion, defenses trying to get an extra defender in the perimeter, defenses trying to blitz the Triple Gun, defenses trying to confuse the QB’s read, etc.

Also included is a detailed presentation of The Triple Screen which is clearly the single best screen in football.

We also included the expansion of the Triple Gun Half Reverse into a productive series in itself.
This is a super DVD that can be used with any offense not just the Triple Gun. I strongly recommend it & I guarantee it’ll get you a few key first downs this season.

The cost is only $30.00 plus $4.95 for S & H – Total $34.95.