Tony DeMeo


This completely unique DVD is comprised of ten Triple Gun plays complete with video, diagrams & while I narrate the entire play for every position. I literally talk you through the ins and outs of each play as though I was having a clinic with you one on one. This is a great way to school your players when you’re installing The Triple Gun offense.

The Triple Gun Playbook DVD is almost two hours long and includes a sample of plays from the Triple Gun Attack starting out with the single best play in football The Gun Triple. We explain the Gun Triple on the goal line, and also with different motions creating a counter triple option. These plays are complete with diagrams, video and me walking and talking you through each of them.

Also covered are some simple complimentary runs designed to exploit a defense trying scheme the Gun Triple. These simple plays can be devastating to a defense over committed to stop the Gun Triple.

We also look at the Triple Gun Quick Game and the core Play Action Pass and how the compliment the Gun Triple. We go into the details of the protection, the QB reads and the routes.

This is a great teaching DVD and a valuable resource that you can use over and over. This is a completely unique concept in coaching videos, I have NEVER seen a teaching DVD like this. The Triple Gun Virtual Playbook DVD Vol. It is only $30 plus S & H through PayPal. I don’t keep a large inventory so the supply is limited.