Tony DeMeo

The Triple Gun QB Drill Progression DVD

One of the most requested items coaches ask for is a DVD of The Quarterback Drill Progression for The Triple Gun Offense. Well this is it.

This DVD is the actual teaching progression I used at a Triple Gun 2 Day Camp for a first time Triple Gun team. We use the footage from actual high school camps to go through the drill progression. I coach up each drill on the field with first time Triple Gunners.

The first section takes you through a complete practice from Pre-Practice to team and gives you access to all the coaching tips for teaching the Gun Triple & the foundation of the Quick Game & Boot off the Quick Game. This was a team that was 1-29 the previous 3 seasons and went to the playoffs their first year running The Triple Gun Offense without any player who had ever played QB! And that first time QB wound up being All Conference. Here’s what their head Coach Kevin Warren had to say:

“This year Tony was enlisted to do his 2 day camp. What an extraordinary camp! Our players feel so much better about themselves and their team. Tony was able to bond with our player’s immediately. In only eight hours of instruction not only did our players have a better understanding of the offense, but our coaches did as well. Tony offered excellent lead up drills to execute his offense. Tony had great demonstrations and explanations.

Tony is one of the best teachers of the game…Not only is the triple gun offense explained in great detail, but specific drills are shown too. He does an amazing job teaching the Triple Gun Offense. He shows exactly how each set flows into each other. Tony teaches a simple offense that is unpredictable.
Tony’s “unless” rules are easy to teach and understand. Our QB’s had a great understanding of the Quick Game and its conversion patterns. We have discussed using incorporating the unless rules into our defense as well.”

The second section of this DVD teaches the installation of the Supplemental plays: The Play Action Pass, The Jet Sweep Series and The Quick Passing Game. In this section I go through assignments on the field with the players to install these play. This was a second year Triple Gun team that had already been to the playoffs their first year running The Gun Triple. You’ll have access to the coaching points and nuances of the offense as taught to the high school players.

This is a great DVD with lots of Triple Gun tips & coaching points. The previous DVDs show what to do this DVD teaches how to do it. It is a completely unique coaching DVD.

The price of the DVD is only $30 dollars + S&H I strongly recommend it.