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Our Triple Gun webinar schedule is set for 2015. We have had another great response to our survey. As always, we wanted you to pick the topics for the webinars. We also added two sponsors and College Guidance Coach I would encourage you to visit their websites.

The first webinar will be on February 25th from 7PM until 9PM EST. The first topic will be: Installing the Gun Triple in Year One. This topic will help Triple Gunners getting the offense in place as quickly as possible. I will cover the installation in a manner that will provide the flexibility of the Triple Gun while maintaining simplicity. The second hour will be Adding the Zone Read & the Shotgun Mid-line to The Triple Gun Offense. In this session I will take you through the “why” and the “how” of installing these two read plays. This will include individual assignments, using formations and fitting them into a game plan.

The second webinar on March 4th will have two one hour sessions. The first hour will cover Attacking the 43 Defense. This will include using The Gun Triple with “Stack Reads & Leverage Pitches” & Double Option, the Zone Read, The Quick Game & Play Action Pass to attack the 43 Defense. We will show the adjustments needed to exploit this defense. The second hour will be about Attacking the 33 Stack Defense which will include using the various aspects of The Triple Gun to attack this very popular defense including using various formations to create mismatches. Also how to neutralize the 33 Blitzes. The webinar will start @ 7 PM & go to 9 Est.

Webinar #3 on March 11th will also be two one hour sessions that will be 7 -9 PM Est. and will cover in the first hour is Attacking the 34 Defense. In this hour we will cover how to use the various facets of The Triple Gun to keep the defense on its heels by varying perimeter blocking & creating flanks through formations. The second hour will be Controlling the Clock with The Triple Gun High Percentage Pass Game. The Quick game &Screen Game can be like an extension of your run game as far as efficiency & can keep the clock moving & your defense off the field.

And the final Triple Gun Webinar will be on March 25th again two one hour sessions starting @ 7 PM & ending @ 9 PM Est. Topic #1 is: The Triple Gun Red Zone Attack. How to maximize every Red Zone opportunity with a simple game plan. The final session is: Practice is Sacred: How to Practice The Triple Gun Offense. We’ll give you a simple practice plan that will give you the ability to practice the entire offense every day. Maximum reps leads to maximum execution.

Each session will include a question & answer session. You will even be able to submit a question when you register for the webinar set. This will ensure your question will be discussed.

The cost is $80 for all four webinars for your entire staff. Individual sessions are $25 each. The first 25 that register for all four webinars will get a free copy of my new book Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders. You are welcome to have your whole staff watch with you. We are limiting this to only 100 spots, on a first come, first serve basis.

Our 2014 recorded webinars are still available on our Training Site so if you missed any or all of them, you can still purchase them.

I’m really excited about this schedule of webinars, they are all completely new topics and the webinars will include free recordings of the webinars so if you can’t be there live, you won’t miss a thing and you’ll have the webinars to use as often as you want – this is a unique to The Triple Gun Webinars.

So secure your spot early & get a free copy of my new book.


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Our 2014 Triple Gun webinar recordings are now available. We have had a great response from those who participated in the live webinars so we decided to make those recordings available. So if you missed the webinars because you were busy or your wife had honey dos for you when the webinars were presented live, now you have a second chance.

Check out this short video:

The first webinar was: Installing the Gun Triple – Soup to Nuts. I cover every position from stance to the end of the play. I also go into some of the little tweaks that we use against various defenses. I also cover any nuance that we use when using a unique formation (Empty, Compressed Sets, & Unbalanced etc.)

Webinar #2 is two, one hour sessions. The first hour is about: Developing the Triple Gun Play Action Pass Game. We cover how to make the Triple Gun Play Action Passes both high percentage and explosive; making it a more reliable call. The second hour is about Using the Triple Gun Quick Game to Compliment Option game. The Quick game can be like an extension of your run game as far as efficiency.

The third webinar includes two, one hour sessions. The first hour is: Adding the Empty Package to the Triple Gun. This includes running Gun Triple & Double Option, the Zone Read, the Quick Game & Play Action Pass. We show the adjustments vs various fronts & coverages. The second hour is: Using the Triple Gun Jet Sweep Series to Compliment the Option which includes the Jet Sweep from various formations & a sequence of plays that make the Sweep more effective & keep defenses off balanced.

The fourth Triple Gun Webinar is again two, one hour sessions. Topic #1 is: Installing the Complete Triple Gun Screen Game. This includes The Triple Screen, The Double Screen, and The Flash Screen. All high percentage passes that are ways to put “speed in space” The final session is: Attacking the 44 Defense with The Triple Gun Offense. We discuss laying out a simple game plan which is simple to execute but tough to defend. A handful of plays run many ways.

The price is $80 for the entire set of all four Triple Gun Webinars or $25 for each individual webinar. You can have your whole staff watch with you all year long and even bring in some youth league coaches to join.

Our football training website is just getting started and will provide videos & materials to help coaching the game of football. Also I would suggest signing up for my newsletter.

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