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Always Have a Second Half Surprise

The question of how to game plan or how to prepare your call sheet always comes up. Everyone has their own method and there no right or wrong way to do it. Bill Walsh & his West Coast disciples always script the first 20 to 25 plays. That certainly worked for Coach Walsh. Paul Johnson, […]

How Goliath Could Have Beat David

Everyone always talks about how the little shepherd boy slew the great giant Goliath. I’ve used this analogy over & over again. Anytime a plan for a big upset is being hatched, most of us think of ourselves as David. BUT what if you are Goliath? Everyone EXPECTS you to trounce your smaller foe, it […]

A Champion’s DNA

A player can be a great player but not a champion. How can that be? How can someone be a great player but not a champion? How can a player have record breaking statistics and yet not be a champion? What is that magic ingredient or special trait that allows a player to wear that […]

Welcome to “Snowflake” Football

The NCAA has just outlawed Two-a-Days in pre-season football practice & next they will probably outlaw any physical contact to complete the sissyfication of the last bastion of masculinity & toughness in American education: FOOTBALL. The NCAA does this all in the name of safety to eliminate debate because any coach that argues against these […]

Blueprint to a Dynasty

With the New England Patriot victory in Super Bowl LI, there has been a lot of talk about dynasties. There have been some great dynasties in all sports not just football. The Red Auerbach Boston Celtics was a great NBA dynasty. The NY Yankees had a couple of dynasties in the early 50s & the […]

New Year Football Resolutions

At the start of every new year people are busy making their New Year’s resolutions. Things like losing weight, saving money, exercising regularly, etc. I also made resolutions every year as a head football coach. The object of these resolutions was: How can I improve our program? That led to: How can I improve our […]

Getting “Politricks” Out of College Football

“A camel is a horse put together by a committee” Jim Valvano I didn’t think this fantastic 2016 College Football Season could get screwed up BUT I underestimated the damage a committee could do to a relative simple process. I forgot that committees are made up of individual egos and a collective ego. These egos […]

Can Your Quarterback Win Ugly

One of the critical traits of winning Quarterbacks is the ability to win “ugly games” By ugly games I mean games where moving the ball is like the Bataan Death March. This is when you need a Quarterback that’s going to make enough plays to win regardless of a poor stat performance. Games become “ugly” […]

Situations to Practice in Pre-Season

Situations to Practice in Pre-Season By: Tony DeMeo Every coach is diligent in practicing obvious situations like Red Zone & Goal line Offense, Two Minute Drill, Down & Distance Situations etc. But during pre-season camp is the time to practice less obvious situations. The following is a checklist we always touched on during the Pre-Season […]

The Muhammad Ali Rule

The recent passing of The Champ, Muhammad Ali, has brought out many beautiful, inspiring eulogies. The word “icon” is one of the most overused words in the English language but in this case it’s a perfect fit. Ali was much more than The Heavyweight Champion of the World. He was much bigger than that. He […]