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The Muhammad Ali Rule

The recent passing of The Champ, Muhammad Ali, has brought out many beautiful, inspiring eulogies. The word “icon” is one of the most overused words in the English language but in this case it’s a perfect fit. Ali was much more than The Heavyweight Champion of the World. He was much bigger than that. He […]

Bear Bryant’s Plan for Winning Football

Paul “Bear” Bryant is arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time. Not just football but all sports. He said of himself that he was nothin’ but a winner. And winner he was. He made The Alabama Crimson Tide the standard for great college football. The following plan was taken from the book: Rising […]

The Joe DiMaggio Rule

“Just because he makes it look easy, doesn’t make it easy.” As the baseball season begins my thoughts went to my Dad who was a great baseball fan and his favorite player was The Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio was much more than stats, he was about an elegant style and almost effortless grace. He […]

The curse of the Bad Firing

The Curse of the Bad Firing By: Tony DeMeo College athletic programs can sabotage future success by making a bad firing. My definition of a bad firing is: when an institution fires a coach that is improving the program but not fast enough or flashy enough for the powers to be. They fire the coach […]

The Quarterback: Past, Present & Future

The Quarterback: Past, Present & Future By: Tony DeMeo In my lifetime I have witnessed the evolution of the quarterback position at all levels of football. The quarterback position used to be a guy who either handed the ball to a talented running back or stood like a telephone pole in the pocket looking make […]

The Tao of Winning Football

As the 2015 football season winds down and the football “experts” claim that the game football has changed. The ESPN crowd beam about “Tempo” and rave about the genius whose team snaps the ball every 12 seconds and how many points they scored despite the fact that the geniuses team just went 1-10. I’m sick […]

The Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Rule

With the Christmas Season upon us “The Rudolph the Reindeer Rule” seems like an appropriate rule to share. This rule is a short excerpt from my book: Common Sense Rules for Everyday Leaders that features close to 100 of these types of rules that every leader can find helpful. Signed copies will be available on […]

Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s an old story that goes like this: Pedestrian holding a violin case approaches a Police Officer in New York City and asks “Excuse me Officer, how do I get Carnegie Hall?” The policeman replies “Practice, Practice, practice.” Though a cute joke there is a lot of truth in the police officer’s reply. As a […]

How to Pull Off the Big Upset

One of the greatest thrills in sports is the UPSET. When the David in shoulder pads knocks off the Goliath. As a coach, nothing made my juices flow more than when my team faced the “unbeatable opponent” I was always drawn to the challenge without fearing the menace. That being said, I always knew that […]

A Great Leader & Genius in Disguise

This week saw the passing of a great American Icon that was loved by all. Yogi Berra, the Hall of Fame catcher passed away at the age of 90 after a wonderful life. Yogi was called by Hall of Fame Manager “a baseball genius & the best player I ever managed” Wow – quite a […]