Tony DeMeo

The 2009 Coach of the Year Clinics Manual edited by Earl Browning

I’ve been reading the Coach of the Year Clinics Manuals edited by Earl Browning since 1972. Every May I order my manual on the 1st Saturday so I have it to read over the summer. Every year I’ve always come up with a handful of ideas that helped me during the season. I looked forward to receiving the manual and was never disappointed. Coaches Choice has taken over the publishing of the manual in recent years and Jim Peterson has made it slicker and improved the diagrams.

The 2009 Coach of the Year Clinic Manual was exceptional and is worth getting. There were many exceptional lectures including Dick Anderson’s article on PSU’s counter run and play action pass, Mark Dantonio’s piece on Quarter coverage, Monte Kiffin’s lecture on Tampa 2 and many others that are very informative and guaranteed to stimulate some thinking.

One article I enjoyed was Paul Johnson’s lecture on the Spread Option Attack. Paul Johnson is a MASTER of the Option and does a great job explaining his version. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Option. I would suggest that Jim Peterson send this article to some of the ESPN crowd so they don’t sound so stupid when talking about option football.

Another excellent article is on The Zone Read Option by Chip Kelly. The job Chip has done at Oregon is truly outstanding. Mark May was calling for his head after his 1st game but has come out of it smelling like a “Rose”. Kelly does a great job explaining the Ducks inside & outside Zone Read package. One of his coaching points is “Fast through the hole, not to the hole”.

Mark Richt always has interesting information and the 2009 Clinic Manual he does a nice job describing the Bulldogs 3 & 5 step passing game. His “run it” route is a great is a great answer to press man/free coverage. The receiver gets off the jam bursts downfield for 8 yards then “hits the brakes and turns back for the ball.” The QB takes 3 quick steps in the gun & delivers the ball.

Skip Holtz also has a nice piece on the passing game. He says “the Quick Game levels the field” – I strongly believe the Option & the Quick Pass in combination are an underdog’s best friend. This idea was the hub of the Triple Gun Offense.

Larry Fedora of Southern Miss does a nice job explaining his high percentage passing game and balancing the run and the pass. Though not an “option coach” Fedora likes to run the Speed Option from the gun 4 or 5 times per game to keep the defense honest. He also does a good job discussing the “double scat route” as a high percentage throw.

There are many, many ideas in this manual and there is every year. Regardless of what offense or defense you run there is always a little something to ad a little “spice to your sauce”. I would recommend getting the new Coach of the Year Clinics Manual every May – it’s a winner.