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Strength’s Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath

Strength’s Finder 2.0
By: Tom Rath
Regardless of your situation one of the most important things you should know is what your strengths are. If you are a young coach just starting out in the business or a grizzled old vet this book by Tom Rath is a worthwhile read.
The basic premise of Rath’s philosophy is rather than worrying about strengthening a weakness you should build on your existing strengths. Rath then provides an online test to help you discover what your strengths are. I tried to predict what my strengths were prior to taking the thirty minute test so I could evaluate my own perspective of what I thought my strengths were as opposed to what the test showed. I guess when you get to be my age you know yourself pretty well. I was very accurate in my perception. I would recommend you do the same thing.
Rath contends that people take the “Path of most resistance” like the Notre Dame football player Rudy. At 5’6” 165 pounds he may have used his energy more wisely than trying to play defensive line for The Fighting Irish.He also contends that the most important aspect is having the opportunity to develop your strengths.
Rath’s Recipe for Strength is: Talent x Investment = Strength. Hard work develops core talent. The Rudy Recipe is Low talent x Great Investment = Low Strength Joe Montana – Great Talent x Great Investment = STAR.
Know your areas of lesser talent and work around the weakness. If you know you’re not a detail guy then work with someone who is. I did this as a Head Coach, I always hired assistants who would offset my weaknesses. The key part is to not let your ego deny you have weaknesses. Your ego must be kept under control so you can honestly face your weaknesses and work around them.
The biggest point Rath makes is to maximize the strengths you already have. By emphasizing your weakness you lose confidence. Go with your strengths, and offset your weaknesses.
Rath goes into every strength category in detail and how you can best capitalize on it. Some strengths that I would predict coaches would have are :
1. Achiever – highly driven
2. Strategic – being able to see through the clutter and come up with a plan.
3. Communication – the ability to address a group and energize it.
These are just a few of the Strengths Rath lists in the book. I recommend this book and recommend that you complete the on-line test. Rath has done a superb job of organizing his material and delivering it in a simple easy to read style. Most of my family has read Strength’s Finder 2.0 and I believe it would very valuable to you as well.