Tony DeMeo

See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar

By: Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar passed away on November 28, 2012 but his legacy and influence will live on. Zig was a great motivational speaker and author. I love listening to his audio books while driving; it always makes the trip go faster and more pleasant. The Wall Street Journal had a nice piece about Zig that was only the tip of the iceberg.
My favorite book by Zig was his classic See You at the Top. I read and re-read it many times. It was written in 1975 so you might have to search to find it, but the search will be worth your while.
See You at the Top is not only inspirational but it is spiced with that folksy humor that made Zig a standout in his field. The first key message in the book is: “Your happiness starts with you”. So many times we get caught up in the idea when an event happens then I’ll be happy. As a young coach, I would think if we just win this game then I’ll be happy or if I just get this recruit then… This book taught me that happiness was my choice and not dependent on any event. It was very valuable lesson for a young coach to learn.
Zig was big into the importance of your- self image. You are what you truly think you are. Self-talk or self-criticism can either build your self-image up or tear it down. So be careful what you say to yourself. It’s also important what you say to others. Zig recommended that you join the “smile & compliment club” and be nice to others and you’ll be nice to yourself. He also recommends staying away from toxic people. Stay away from people who tear at your self-image. Great advice from Zig.
Zig also recommends that you see the good in others. Ralph Waldo Emmerson in his poem on success also recommends “finding the best in others. Look for the good in associates. This advice really helped me as a coach. I always looked for the good in a player. I always tried to see his value to the team. It’s amazing how much a better a player becomes when you look at his strengths rather than his shortcomings. Be a good-finder and you’ll be a better coach.
The importance of family has always been a big part of Zig’s philosophy. He talks about how marriage has greatest effect on your life. He talks about the importance of praying together with your wife and building a solid faith based relationship.
The topic of goals is clearly and thoroughly discussed by Zig and is a great section of the book. I am a big believer in goals. Zig talks about making goals big. An idea that I got from Zig was to make your goals as detailed as possible. The more detailed your goals the more believable they become. This led to my system of goal setting and goal getting
And of course Zig devotes a great part of the book to attitude. Positive attitude is a huge part of Zig’s philosophy. He calls negative thinking “stinkin’ thinkin’ and talks about getting altitude with attitude. Create a positive attitude to create positive results. Always work to develop positive habits in your life. Once you establish the discipline of positive habits you will achieve more of your goals.
See You at the Top is a book that is a great read for anyone but a must read for coaches or leaders. There were chapters in the book where I felt Zig was talking directly to me. There are so many quality ideas and positive thoughts that your enthusiasm will get a positive makeover. This book was a big help to me and I strongly recommend it to you. I also recommend that you get some of Zig’s audio-books for driving in your car. They are not only inspiring but also very entertaining. So ditch the stinkin thinkin and get on the positive track.
Tony DeMeo