Tony DeMeo

Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy’s success on the football field is well documented. He led the Colts to a Super Bowl victory, turned around the hapless Tampa Bucs and has been a positive influence on everyone he’s been around. Tony has absorbed some hits professionally like being unjustly fired at Tampa Bay but the biggest blow was losing his son to suicide. His Faith was the constant that carried him through his troubled waters and it’s his Faith that is the story of Quiet Strength.

One of the lessons that I found helpful were: You can’t control the circumstances in your life but you can control your attitude. That lesson kept Tony strong regardless of the problems the world threw his way.

Tony had a great mentor in Super Bowl coach Chuck Noll – Noll really was the model of the NFL Head coach. He learned about keeping your staff fresh, and how to be a leader. Get guys that fit your system was another of Noll’s lessons. Tony also picked his most valuable lesson in his life from the Steelers’ Bible Study: ALWAYS PUT GOD 1st. This became the foundation of his Faith.

Tony also had an opportunity to be mentored by another Super Bowl coach: Bill Walsh. Tony’s philosophy of coaching gradually became his own. Do What We Do. Play to your strength. Do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Place great attention to details. Always stay focused on the task at hand. Football is unpredictable & you must stay focused on the task at hand. Never let circumstances affect your performance. You must have the “body psychology” of a champion before you can win a championship.

Tony also had his own definition of success “I performed to the full limits of my ability”

Some other tenets of the Dungy Doctrine are:

  1. Defense is the key to winning.
  2. Get the players you need not the best available.
  3. Always build your roster.
  4. Never change what you believe – stay the course.
  5. Avoid turnovers & you’ll win a lot more than you lose.
  6. Character lessons are always powerful.
  7. Football is a game of inches & the tem that does the best job of getting those inches wins.
  8. Always have The Attitude of Gratitude and count your blessings.

Finally Tony Dungy’s purpose in life is To Glorify God.

Quiet Strength is an outstanding book about a man and his Faith. I strongly recommend it for coaches and to anyone who may need some inspiration.