Tony DeMeo

Coaching The Under Front Defense By Jerry Gordon

Jerry Gordon is an outstanding football coach. He had a great background as a player, starting for 3 year at UMass on the offensive line and a two time captain. During Jerry’s tenure the Minutemen won or shared in three conference championships. Gordo coached with the Boston Breakers, UMass, Yale University and Potamac Falls HS. I coached with Gordo in 19991 at UMass, so I know first hand that he is a heck of a football coach.

His book Coaching the Under Front Defense is a simple, easy to read book on coaching a complete defensive scheme that is very conducive to Offensive football in 2010.

Gordo starts out with his base philosophy of defense which is always to have a numbers advantage around the ball. The under defense has only one bubble which makes it tough against the run. But to me the best feature is the simple adjustments. Today there are so many different styles of offense, just getting lined up can be a challenge.

Every position is explained in terms of alignment, assignment and technique.

He also explains primary force concept of the defense and then stopping the 2 back run attack and the 1 back run attack. The basic pass defense is Cover 3.

Coaching the Under Defense also has excellent chapters on Zone Blitzs as well as Man Blitzs.

Jerry Gordon does a nice job of putting together a simple, easy to adjust defense that is certainly worth looking at. The book is well written without a lot of buzz words or mysterious mumbo jumbo. I would advise Gordo to do a series of DVDs to make this a complete package. I recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their defense.