Tony DeMeo

Books to Track Down on EBay

These books have had a powerful influence on my coaching career; most of them are out of print so you have get them either on EBay or a garage sale etc. But these are well worth the search. Good ideas are never out-dated.

  1. The Split Line T Offense by Jake Gaither. This was my early indoctrination to the use of line splits. Later I adopted “Smart Splits”, but legendary Florida A & M Coach Gaither was the source of this idea.
  2. Triple Option Football by Homer Rice. This book influenced me to combine the triple option and the passing game. This concept led to my book; The Explosive Multi-Bone Attack.
  3. Hotline to Victory by Woody Hayes. A great football text book. This book covers every aspect of the game in detail.
  4. Bobby Dodd on Football by Bobby Dodd. I discovered the secrets of “The Drive Series” in this book. Coach Dodd also goes into the “Belly Series.
  5. The Wishbone T Offense by Pepper Rogers and Homer Smith. A tremendous book about the ‘Bone. This is the most detailed book I have ever read on the Triple Option.
  6. The Run and Shoot Offense by Tiger Ellison. A book that was ahead of its time. I got the idea of combining the boot with the 3 step drop from this book.
  7. The Delaware Wing T by Tubby Raymond and Ted Kempski. I really got the ideas of sequence football and flank control from Tubby & Ted.
  8. Lombadi on Football by Vince Lombardi. I didn’t get X & O ideas from this 2 volume book but I got ideas about teaching and the importance of details in execution.
  9. The Winning Edge by Bill Walsh. Wow what a book – you could read this book ten times and STILL learn something new. A must read.

That’s your mission – find these books & start reading.