Tony DeMeo

Book Review -“Bo’s Lasting Lessons”

Bo’s Lasting Lessons
By Bo Schembechler & John Bacon

Bo Schembechler is one of the great college coaches of all time. His record of 234-65-8 speaks for itself. A disciple of Woody Hayes, Bo’s Michigan Wolverines pulled one of the Big Ten’s greatest upsets when they upset Woody’s undefeated Ohio St. Buckeyes 24-12 in 1969 costing the Buck’s the National Championship & starting a coaching rivalry that dominated the Big Ten.

John Bacon does an outstanding job of putting together Bo’s philosophy of  winning & what it takes to lead a successful organization.

Some of the lessons that I found very compelling were:
1. Seek mentors not money early in your career to learn the rather than earn.
2. Wait for the right opportunity. You must have a chance to win
3. Establish your standards on day one
4. Set goals that get result. Bo let the team pick the goals.
5. Recruit Character, it’s more important than talent.
6. Get the most out of your staff. Delegate & listen – keep an open mind.
7.  Know your people, build relationships & know their hot buttons.
8.  Make adjustments based on the facts not pride.
9. Ignore your critics – Do it your way.
            #1. Always keep your word.
            #2. Never worry about short term, always think long term.
            #3. Touch as many people as you can to make a positive difference.

Bo’s Lasting Lessons is an outstanding text on leadership. It is priceless collection of lessons from one of college football’s coaching icons. I presented a just a small sample of some of these lessons. I highly recommend this book and would also recommend the audio version of this book.
        Tony DeMeo