Tony DeMeo


I’m extremely excited about some new projects that we are working on for this coming winter. They will be helpful to avid football coaches who are always searching for new ideas or improved techniques for old ideas.

The first project is a series of football webinars. We are going to offer webinars that are interactive. With the high cost of travel & hotels continuing to rise and school budgets continuing to shrink, this is a cost efficient way for you and your entire coaching staff to attend a clinic in as inexpensive manner as possible. The webinar will be open for questions just as though you were at a clinic. Another great feature is you will be able to select the topics for the webinar. You’ll be able to ask for specific topics to be covered. We will also provide special offers & free gifts.

The second project that we’re working on is an interactive drill application. At this moment I’m working on creating a drill application that will engage your QBs in a question and answer session to help prepare him to run the Triple Gun. This Application will allow you to train your QB in the off season by simply giving him access to the Application and letting him view it.

I’m excited about these breakthroughs and I know they will be very beneficial to the coaches that take advantage of them. I’m actually (believe it or not) starting to see the advantages of technology. I’ll be putting together more details & a sample survey of possible topics in the next announcement.