Tony DeMeo

Why The Patriots Win

The New England Patriots have clearly established themselves as a true football dynasty. They have dominated the NFL for the past two decades. The Patriots used to be a laughing stock for years, so how did this transformation take place?

The first step was hiring Bill Belichick. Belichick had one shot at being a head coach prior to accepting the Patriot challenge. He was hamstrung in Cleveland but he may not have won big but he gained a tremendous amount of experience.
Belichick was born to be a coach. His Dad, Steve, was a career assistant college football coach & his obsession with breaking down football film was passed on to Bill. There is no better way to learn football than breaking down film. Belichick also had the great fortune of learning football at the feet of “The Big Tuna” Bill Parcells. Parcells was one of the most underrated football coach to ever toot a whistle. The Parcells Philosophy of winning football works. His disciples include Belichick, Tom Coughlin, & Sean Payton all who won Super Bowls.

The Parcells formula is simple: Play Great Defense, Control the Clock, Don’t Turn the Ball Over, Create Turnovers on Defense, No Stupid Penalties & Play Great on Special Teams. There is nothing revolutionary here but Parcells teams executed the formula. Parcells, also, wanted “his guys” on the team. No divas. Just tough guys who would lay it on the line on Sunday.

Belichick followed the formula & refined to fit his teams. The first step was to get “his guys”. These guys had to be team guys who fit The Belichick system. These guys were not necessarily the best athletes but they were the best fit for The Belichick System. He got offensive guys who wouldn’t turn the ball & control the clock. He got versatile Defensive players who could that fit Belichick’s 34 Defense.

One of the key factors was the injury to Drew Bledsoe & replacing him with 6th round draft pick, Tom Brady. Bledsoe was a good QB but was prone to turnovers. The Turnover was something that destroyed Belichick in Cleveland. Brady did not turn the ball over while moving the chains & controlling the clock. Brady’s game management was exactly what The Belichick System required. The perfect fit led to a Super Bowl Championship & the start of The Patriots Dynasty.

Building the Culture of Winning creates a dynasty. Someone once said “Culture beats strategy every time “ – I believe in the value of creating a culture of excellence. So when Belichick got “his guys” who were they? What was he looking for? I’ve never spoken directly to Bill Belichick but this is what an examination of his roster reveals:
1. His guys have a strong work ethic. None stronger than Tom Brady.
2. His guys are unselfish. Look at RB, James White a Super Bowl Star last year but hardly used this year. It’s all about team.
3. His guys accept their role. James Devlin is a blocker only RB & does a great job.
4. His guys are not divas & contribute to special teams. Matthew Slater”s specially is downing punts inside the five yard line. If you don’t think that’s important, ask Sean McVay how that affected his Play calling.
5. Special teams are important & it starts with a good kicker, good punter & long snapper. Belichick always has excellent kickers.
6. His guys are students of the game & play smart football so they don’t beat themselves. They are also poised in pressure situations.
7. His guys work hard in the off season

Belichick’s Strategy of Winning is designed to win. Plain & simple. It’s not designed to entertain or to show how clever he is. It is all designed to win.

On defense, Belichick is going to take away what you do best. He is going to make the opponent play left-handed.
1. He is going after your “go to guy” – your 3rd down guy.
2. Belichick’s Defense will not allow a big play. Scorched Earth Defense.
3. Disguise is big part of The Belichick Defense- Jared Goff was befuddled in the Super Bowl. He never had a feel for where the heat was coming from. Belichick’s pressure may not result in sacks but it always disrupts the QB.
4. Belichick also took away the Rams Bootleg Game by getting guys upfield to contain.
5. The Pats never give up a cheap TD. They make their opponent go the long way

The Pats Offense is designed to control clock & keep the the opponents offense on the sideline & score TDs in The Red Zone. In the Super Bowl, Belichick’s Offense kept Jared Goff & The Rams Offense on the bench.

Here’s some other aspect of The Belichick Offense:
1. By running the ball they set the pace of the game which was slow. Last year in The Super Bowl, they were in a Shootout vs Eagle & lost despite Brady throwing for a SB record 505 yards. But The Pats could not protect its defense. So what does Belichick do? He goes out & gets TB Sony Michel in the first round & he rushes for just under 100 yards vs The Rams. The clock is now The Patriots.
2. The Patriots also picked up ex-Brown University DE, Hames Devlin to be Michel’s lead blocker. The Pats pounded The Rams Defense with a physical downhill run game that moved the chains.
3. The only lead that matters is at the end of The & that is when Brady takes over. You can’t give Brady any time on the clock. Atlanta did this 2 years ago & they lost. Andy Reid did this in the AFC Championship game & it cost the Chiefs a trip to the SB.
4. Belichick also like to see who the opponent is double teaming & go to another receiver that’s single covered. Edelman & Gronk are tough 1 on 1 matchups. Gronk is also a devastating blocker.
5. Brady always throw the shallow cross so the receiver can get yards after catch. Also his quick release makes it difficult to sack.

Belichick is a stickler for Special Teams. Field position was a huge factor in The Pats SB Win. The Pats always has a great kicker & punter & have guys on the roster that excel on Special Teams. The Pats punt game in the SB hampered The Rams all night by pinning them deep in their territory. Poor field position eliminated the bulk of The Rams high-powered Offense.

Why Do The Patriots Win? It is a total commitment to excellence in every aspect of the game. It’s a top to bottom devotion to details leaving no stone unturned. It’s a great model for a coach to learn.