Tony DeMeo

What I look for in a Triple Gun QB

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “What do you look for in a Triple Gun QB?” There is no cookie cutter answer to this question. I’ve had Triple Gun QBs in all shapes and sizes, some fast and some not so fast. There are certain traits that are an absolute must regardless of athletic ability. You can’t win if your QB is not a leader. Your QB must be an optimistic “dealer of hope”. He must always convey the feeling – we’re going to win. He must be a “Team Guy” not a “me guy” or a “stat guy”. He must be willing to sacrifice his own stats for the greater good. He must be a great decision maker – this offense is built around his decisions. The way to become a great decision maker is to be a student of the game. These are things that are important to me in selecting a QB. He also must be humble and know that the success that he has achieved has come only through his teammates. The following list is “musts” for a Triple Gun QB.


1. Always be a leader –lead by deed
“To lead is to serve”—Geronimo

2. Be a student of the game—
a. Study video tape, etc.

3. Always have an optimal level of awareness in practice & games
a. Always gathering information through observation

4. Always be optimistic & enthusiastic
a. Both are contagious and are essential for good team performance

5. Make good decisions in the running game, option reads and in the passing attack.

6. Execute the option game with ball security being a prime consideration.

7. Distribute the ball effectively to make our skill players productive

8. Execute the passing game with a premium on ball security

9. Be a high percentage passer with the ability to hit the home run

10. Always put the team first