Tony DeMeo


Regardless of the offensive scheme you run there are certain “Universal Truths” that if followed will produce points.

1. Put Speed in Space – the more you do the more points you’ll score.

2. Make Cover Guys Tackle & Tackle Guys Cover – create mismatches.

3. Balance is Essential – option, power, & counter – dropback, sprint, & play action.

4. Better to Run a Lousy Play Great then a Great Play Lousy.

5. Get a Head Start – use the threat of a counter to keep the defense still while the offense is moving.

6. Stretch & Pierce – a ball carrier going north & south while linebackers are going east & west will always gain yards.

7. Attack Complexity With Simplicity & Simplicity With Complexity.

8. You Are Only Limited by Your Ability to Teach & Organize.

9. Details Are The Difference – minimize techniques & maximize their use. The fewer the techniques, the more practice time you have to master them.

10. Attack a Powerful Defense with Finesse & a Finesse Defense with Power.

11. Attack a Speedy Defense with counters & a Slow Defense with Speed.

12. Prepare for the Blitz or It Will Give You Fits. Have multiple answers built into your system. Don’t rely on just “hot” reads or “max” protection. Always protect your protection.

13. Maximize by Surprise & Disguise – a play that is part of a sequence or a package is far more effective than one that stands alone.

14. Repetition is the Greatest Teacher If the Reps Are Done with Awareness. Repetition is the Greatest Teacher If the Reps Are Done With Awareness. Repetition is the greatest Teacher .If the Reps Are Done with Awareness.

15. Too Many Answers to a Problem = No Answer & One Problem – one great answer is better than ten mediocre ones. Do what you do.

16. The Only Tendency That Is Valid is Your Tendency to Score.

17. Your Scheme Must Magnify the Talent of Your Offense. A good scheme is flexible to adapt to the strength of your personnel, your opponent, the score, field zones, weather without panic. Create a broad based menu from which to choose your weapon as long as your basic principles remain consistent.

18. The Most Important Ability Is Dependability. Never depend on an undependable.

19. Never Fight Today’s Battles with Yesterday’s Weapons.

20. Talent Is Only Talent If It Fits Your System.

21. A great play caller is more concerned with being effective than being clever.

22. “He who controls the pace wins the race” Jim Valvano. Control the tempo of the game to give your team the best chance to win. Know when to milk the clock & when to go into a hurt up mode.

23. Use the entire field – make the defense defend the entire waterfront. Throw deep & get the ball on the perimeter.

24. When in doubt go back to fundamentals – there are no “magic bullets” The plays that work best are the plays that are taught the best.

25. Points after a turnover are a more important stat than just turnovers. You must capitalize on turnovers and red zone opportunities.

26. Time of possession is only important to an exorcist. It’s an ESPN stat.

27. Limit the plays maximize the ways. Lining up in a new formation doesn’t require much execution but a new play calls for a lot of work.

28. Use it or lose it. If you practice it use it. You’ll only get good at something if you use it in a game. The exception is a specific answer or contingency play.

29. Stick to your knitting – this is something Ralph Isernia, our OC reminds me of if start to stray away from the Gun Triple.

30. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. The object is to win – total offense , rush yards, pass yards nothing is as important as the”W”.