Tony DeMeo

Triple Gun Quarterback Mesh Mechanics

One of the most frequently asked questions from webinars & clinics that I’ve done is: How do you teach the QB/TB mesh in The Triple Gun Offense? Do you use the “Point Method” or “Ride & Decide”?

So let’s get this straight. This is how I teach the Mesh and why.

The entire Triple Gun Offense is designed to win the “Meaningful Stats” battle. One of the key meaningful stats is a +2 Turnover Margin. So Ball Security is the #1 Priority. As a Head Coach my teams never lost a game in which we had a +2 Turnover Margin. So obviously we are going to teach the technique that will produce Ball Security.

The second key “Meaningful Stat” is to Score 25+ Points on the any team on your schedule. To Score 25+ vs the best on your schedule your team must have a unique offense that your players can execute.

So the conclusion is to teach The Gun Triple with technique to reduce the risk as much as possible. We teach the Mesh with the objective of being effective while being low risk.

We NEVER teach the “Ride & Decide” method for these reasons:
1. It is the most risky of all methods because the longer the indecision the greater the chance of putting the ball on the ground.
2. It forces the dive back on one path & eliminates the possibility of a cutback.
3. It does not deceive the defense. They already have a defender assigned to dive, QB & pitch. No one will be fooled.
4. By riding the dive back into the LOS – the entire play will be slowed down giving the defense to get to the perimeter.
5. Riding the dive back into the line brings the QB into the line & forces the QB to attack the perimeter east/west which brings feather technique back into play for the “D.”
6. The “Ride & Decide” method leaves the QB vulnerable to quick pitch pressure off the edge.
7. Lastly riding the dive back into the line eliminates the dive back as a blocker.

The QB mechanics for running the Gun Triple are actually easier than running the triple from under center. By being off the line of scrimmage the Triple Gun Quarterback has more of a comfort zone separating him from the defensive line and penetration issues. The key steps are:

1. Get in a comfortable two point stance with your feet shoulder width apart at a depth of 4 yards behind the center.
2. Make sure the backs are aligned properly.
3. Scan the offensive line to make sure they have completed their smart split adjustments.
4. Identify the hand off key and pitch key. Note any special situations (Stack Read, Level one option key, hand off key in a position to be blocked etc).
5. Final Rhymes for the QB:
If he’s in a 5 – always think dive
If he’s in a 4 – widen him some more.
If he’s in a 4I & inside –just take it wide
6. Start the cadence.
7. Catch the snap. Catch the snap. Catch the snap.
8. Pivot on your play side foot and extend the ball.
9. Get your eyes to the hand off key.
10. Read the Hand off Key – better wrong than long. Use your unless rules. Only push the ball to the back with your front hand if you are going to GIVE it. If you are pulling it SNAP the ball back with both hands to your heart & be prepared to pitch the ball.
11. Accelerate to the Pitch Key regardless whether give or pull. Speed is a fake.

Make Your Decision Work

Thanks for all you Triple Gunners that took part in the 2015 Webinars – we had great questions & comments. If you missed them both the 2014 & 2015 Webinars are available online.