Tony DeMeo


A big part of The Triple Gun Attack is a simple yet complete passing game. The reason we got into the Gun in the first place was to improve our pass protection so we could effectively throw the football. We have developed a handful of simple concepts that fit option quarterbacks. Each concept has a specific purpose. All our passes start with protection.

1. Protect first. Protection – Protection – Protection
1. Direction is the key to protection
2. Our blockers must fit the rush
3. Add to protection – by calls that keep receivers in to protect.
4. Throw hot only by design

2. Multiple launch points – 5 yards behind the center, 7 yards behind the center, perimeter passes etc. Every run has a Play Action Pass.

3. Balance high percentage throws with deep passes.
1. “Yards per attempt” is the key stat.
2. Use a variety of pass actions: Quick game, Dropback game, Play Action, Boots, Perimeter Passes., and Screens.
3. Always know that The Uncovered Principle is part of the run game.

4. Think in terms of shells and leverage rather than coverages. It’s not what you know or what the quarterback knows; it’s how fast the quarterback can process information. His reads must be simple and use unless rules. “I’m going to throw here unless…”

5. Each pattern and route must be thrown with a consistent rhythm. Every route has its own rhythm and the routes must come open sequentially. Throwing the ball on time eliminates sacks.

6. Throw away from defenders not at receivers
1. Throw the receiver open – always make the receiver move to the ball and away from the defender covering him.
2. Open is when the receiver is between the ball and the defender.

7. Throw a long ball long and a short ball short.

8. The quarterback run is always part of the play.
1. When in doubt—run. Ball security is ALWAYS a must.
2. Make sure the ball is tucked away when you run.

9. Know the blitz control on every pass
1. The quarterback will decide how to handle blitz.
2. Beat Man Coverage with your wide receivers and Zone coverage with your backs.

10. Create mismatches by motion, shifts & formations

11. Make cover guys tackle & tackle guys cover – always put speed in space. The more we do this the more points we’ll score.

12. Passing game is constructed in concepts.
1. Know the concept and intent of each pattern.
2. Always know the situation – down and distance, time remaining, whether we will go for it on fourth down.
3. Film study and reps are the keys to mastering the pass game.