Tony DeMeo

The Triple Gun Double Options Part I

The Gun Triple is obviously the hub & core of the Triple Gun running attack. However there is a need and a place for the Double Option. Sometimes it’s sometime very advantageous to use Double Options. Spreading the field and getting the ball on the perimeter is always a good thing because it stretches a defense horizontally. I always say the perimeter equals points.
Here are some reasons for investing time in Double Options:
Why Double Options?
1. Puts Speed in Space – gets the ball in your playmaker’s hands.
2. Compliments Gun Triple – Flash still part of the play.
3. Doesn’t allow “D” to force the ball inside. You are in charge.
4. Makes “D” defend sideline to sideline.
5. Neutralizes a great D. Line – QB off LOS – negates great 3 tech.
6. It tires a “D” out running sideline to sideline. (pursuit drill)
7. Forces LBs to play east/west & makes secondary get involved in run support. Changes up Option responsibilities.
8. Formation Friendly
9. Answer to inside blitzes.
10. Gives the Hand Off Key something else to worry about.
This fits into the Principle “Hard to block; easy to read and easy to block; hard to read” a simple and confirmed truth.
Triple Gun Double Options
There are a variety of Double Options that we use and the GREAT news is that they are ALL blocked with Gun Triple blocking so the offensive doesn’t have anything new to learn. The only additional teaching is how we are going to handle the pitch key and hand off key. If we pitch off the hand off key we must block the pitch key. Or if we block the hand off key; the pitch key remains the same.
Triple Becomes Double
One of our rules for the Quarterback in the Gun Triple is if the hand off key is blocked; it’s an automatic pull. The QB doesn’t even mesh with the Tailback He just short arms the dive back and attacks the pitch keys inside shoulder. The dive back gets width and wraps around the blocked hand off key and blocks LB to Safety. So the Triple becomes a Double on the run; no audible needed.
1. Simplest Double Option – HOK is blocked – auto pull.
2. They‘re inside – we’re outside
3. OT blocks HOK on veer release. Once engaged – stay on the block. If the HOK fights outside the dive back will duck inside and the QB will follow and the Gun Triple will become a QB ISO on the run. No audible needed.
4. QB short arms the TB – No ball = no mesh & no confusion.
5. TB gets width & blocks LB to Safety. Becomes an extra blocker.
6. QB attacks PK but if HOK works outside – it becomes QB ISO.
7. O. Line Blocks Triple
This phase of the Triple Gun Offense is called Strategic Flexibility because the Gun Triple morphs into another play based on what the defense does AFTER the snap of the ball. It could be Flash Pass, a Triple Option (give, keep, pitch or counter because the tailbacks cuts back side) a Double (HOK blocked rule) or a QB ISO (HOK blocked but works wide). This is why the Gun Triple is an offense in itself and can be run so many times in a game. And you’re only blocking one play.
Here a couple of clips:

These are examples of the HOK blocked rule.

Pitch (off HOK)
The next Double Option is pitching off the hand off key (HOK). The only new teaching is now we must block the pitch key either by stalking or cracking. This is a great weapon against a soft HOK or against a defense that wants to take your slots out of the game by giving you only give reads.
1. Call to take advantage of a difficult to read HOK – or always give read.
2. O. Line blocks triple (veer or loop)
3. Slot blocks the PK – could use a TE
4. TB has LB to Safety
5. QB pitches off HOK
6. Use formations to make the flank you want ( Nub side of unbalanced)
Here is some clips:

You can spice this up with whirley motion

And you can run it from empty
We always went into every game looking for “A pitch and a hitch” that we could always get either by motion or formation. Then we could always come back to them to get the ball on the perimeter. In Part II, we’ll look some other Double Options that create more defensive conflict and help us get on the perimeter.