Tony DeMeo


The single greatest lesson that I have learned in coaching is not how MANY plays you run but HOW WELL YOU RUN THOSE PLAYS. The secret to execution lies in teaching the DETAILS of a play. Details plus reps = EXECUTION. The more plays you have the less detailed you can be so keep your play list lean. Make sure you choose plays that provide the most answers for your offense. But remember one good answer executed well is more effective than many answers executed poorly. This why I am so high on the Gun Triple – it’s a running game by itself which allows you to focus on details & the Passing game which leads to offensive balance. Excellence lies in more details & more reps not in more plays.

  1. “Greatness lies in the details”
  2. The more detailed a play is practiced the better the execution.
  3. The better the execution the more poise & confidence in clutch situations.
  4. Coaches that truly know their system don’t have excess plays. Too many answers to problem is no answer.
  5. Billick 20% Rule. – if you don’t use more than 20% of your game plan, you have too much. Have specific answer plays. Practice checks & answer plays only vs. the defense they are in the plan to exploit.
  6. Practice your plan – use packs & checks to limit your plays.
  7. The more plays you have – the less detailed you can be – thus execution suffers. Reps are the key to detailed execution.
  8. The fewer plays you have the more detailed you can be – then execution will improve. Fewer plays mean more reps per play & execution improves.
  9. Limit the number of techniques you have for each position. The fewer the number of techniques the more individual time for each technique & execution will improve. Use the same techniques in as many plays as possible (cross-over techniques). Never add a new play that adds new techniques that must be drilled during the season.
  10. A good system has “Cure-All Plays – those that are good vs. all defenses – this your core. Your system must have complimentary plays to protect your core. Also specific “ Answer Play to take advantage of specific defense or for specific situations (Q.B. sneak in short yardage). Have few plays but run them in many ways.- disguise them. Limit the techniques – a critical criteria for adding a play to your core. When in doubt throw it out. Game plans are usually too big.
  11. Never put in a play or plays that your star or stars struggle with. Better to have your playmakers comfortable than a coach being clever.
  12. Prepare in detail – Detailed preparation leads to detailed execution & high performance, Poised & confident.