Tony DeMeo

The 2010 Tony DeMeo Coaching Clinic

Once again, the annual Tony DeMeo Coaching Clinic has been a success. Attended by more than 150 high school football coaches from across the United States and Canada, the clinic has done its job in raising not only the profile of the Golden Eagles, but also the University of Charleston football.

As reported in the Daily Mail:

“Coach DeMeo has a lot of success offensively, and while we are more of a pass and run team, we’re looking to add what he does to what we already do,” Matsakis said. “This fits into what we’re doing in North Jersey. We’ve had a lot of success, but this could be what gets us over the hump.”

Butler made it to the North 1, Group 1 finals, losing in the title game. The 600-student school competes in a class comparable to West Virginia’s Class AA.

“It’s neat to come here and get away from New Jersey,” Matsakis said. “I don’t have to worry about seeing teams that I play.”

Matsakis said the availability of the Golden Eagles’ coaches is what makes the clinic ideal.

“This is one of the better clinics I go to,” he said. “With them, there’s nothing to hide and there’s access to all the coaches.”

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