Tony DeMeo

The NFL’s Annual Crapshoot

The NFL’s 2018 Draft is coming up on April 28th & Mel the Sniper Kiper & the rest of the so-called experts running around are spouting their useless & pointless opinions. I call it a crapshoot because there are as many busts as there are legit hits. Every “expert” said Russell Wilson was too short yet he led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl Championship & is arguably one the best QBs in the NFL despite being under 6 feet tall. Yet Mike Glennon, who Mel the Sniper Kiper called a sure thing because he was 6’6” has not beaten an egg. Neither has Brandon Weiden, another Kiper favorite. Mei also said Belichick (what does he know) made a mistake when he drafted ‘Bama LB, Donta Hightower in the first round. Kiper said he was a “tweener” too small to play inside & too slow to play outside. Hightower has been a Pats starter from day #1.
The QB position is the most important in the NFL but The Eagles did OK without their starter. Defensive Linemen are extremely valuable because the can provide pressure on the QB without using the blitz. Cleveland used many number 1 picks on QBs & NONE have made it. Maybe Cleveland is not conducive to a pass oriented offense? Maybe the Browns should focus on Bill Parcells formula of Defense 1st & the run game 2nd – control the clock & play physical football.

The NY Giants can rebuild their team quickly by unloading Odell Beckham. Divas don’t win championships – not Ocho Cinco or Dez Bryant etc. Dump Beckham & pick up some #1 draft picks & use the formula that has worked in NY before with Bill Parcells.

So who do I think are the game-changers in the draft?

Well one of my favorite sources of info, Frank Giardina, a guy who did CFB games for ESPN for years & worked with JoPa at PSU had these 2 guys as his top choices:

1. Saquan Barkley – PSU RB – “Barkley can do things no other running back can do. I think he’s clearly the best player in the draft” Frank Giardina

Frank’s next pick was:

2. Bradley Chubb a DE who is 6’4” & 269 lbs. & runs a 4.6 40 yard dash. “Chubb is the best pass rusher out there, there is no one else like him. We all know how important pass rushers are in the NFL” Frank Giardina.

As for my picks, I agree with Frank except I have an addition.

1. Saquon Barkley is the biggest game-changer in years. Not only will he change the game on the field but also in practice AND in the locker room. His impact will be felt in all those areas. He is not just a game-changer, he is a Culture-Changer! His work ethic in practice & the weight room is incredible & it’s contagious. So is his Positive Attitude & humility in the locker room. On the field, he excels in every aspect of the game. He will have a Day One impact.

2. Lamar Jackson could be the biggest steal in the draft. Jackson is the best dual threat QB in the draft & if a team is willing to adapt their system to his strengths, they could have immediate dividends. Jackson’s being overlooked because he’s a “running QB” but how is being athletic not an asset? Jackson needs to be groomed into a system & the system must be tailored to Jackson then good things will happen.

3. Bradley Chubb would be my 3rd choice because a pass rusher of his caliber could be a game-changer. He seems to have an explosive 1st step that is difficult for OTs to deal with. Rumor has it that the Pats might trade up to get him. The Pats lack of pass rush in the Super Bowl was a big factor in their loss. Chubb could give the Pats a missing piece to their puzzle.

These are Frank Giardina & my picks for the 2018 NFL crapshoot. I think these picks are close to sure things, especially Saquon Barkley. Give me your thoughts.