Tony DeMeo

New Year Football Resolutions

At the start of every new year people are busy making their New Year’s resolutions. Things like losing weight, saving money, exercising regularly, etc. I also made resolutions every year as a head football coach. The object of these resolutions was: How can I improve our program? That led to: How can I improve our players. Which led to: How can I be a better coach & better serve my players? So here were my typical New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Meet with every player individually & LISTEN. Understand before you can be understood. Roles & Goals.
2. Increase the “Talent Pool” – make current players better & recruit better players.
3. Meet with each coach individually & LISTEN. Be open to new ideas, if they fit with The Philosophy
4. Discuss the results of the goal meetings with the staff & get players in positions for success.
5. Demand Academic Excellence – Discipline is the foundation of excellence – 1000 cuts
6. Make Schemes better – review in detail previous seasons video. Simplifying ALWAYS improves a scheme.
7. Work on improving teaching progressions – the fewer techniques, the more reps & the better execution
8. Make off-season conditioning competitive thus improving productivity. Equality of sacrifice develops TEAM.
9. Re-define the Four Aces & Effort points – REWARD THE BEHAVIOR YOU WANT – Develop Leaders – Lead By Deed
10. Daily Improvement is the key to a successful year – Vow to “Make each day your masterpiece” John Wooden
11. Make sure the players are working hard while having fun – Fun is good.
12. Always Be The Example

These are the typical resolutions I would make at the start of a new year. When you maximize each individual player’s experience then you maximize the team’s experience. Happy New Year