Tony DeMeo


Coaching is above all teaching. The greatest coaches are the greatest teachers. The most important aspect of a play is how you teach it. There are no magic bullets; it’s all about breaking a play down to the individual techniques used in a specific play & teaching the players those techniques until they are mastered. The following are some ideas I picked up along the way.

1. Preparation

  1. Know your subject matter

2. Organization of Presentation

  1. Have an organized manner of presenting your material
  2. Whole – Part – Whole method
  3. Teach concepts and the reason why

3. Variety of Presentation

  1. Use multiple venues of presenting material
    • Video
    • Chalk
    • Playbook
    • Walk through
    • Individual drills
    • Partner drills
    • Group drills
    • Team
  2. Make the field your chalk board

4. Break down Skills into Drills

  1. Have a drill progression for teaching each individual technique
  2. Reps at game speed

5. Adhere to the Laws of Detail

  1. Teach in small steps as well as the big picture

6. Encourage and Correct

  1. Use video tape
  2. Teach with enthusiasm

7. Review and Repetition

  1. Reps are greatest teacher if done with awareness
  2. Review with enthusiasm
  3. Never let reps become boring
  4. Use variety in review
  5. Reps lead to intuitive performance and mastery
  6. Two speeds: Teach specialized techniques & game speed
    • Players must know the difference
  7. Players learn more by doing that by listening