Tony DeMeo


The great thing about bowl games is that as a coach you can become a couch potato and tell your wife “Honey, I’d like to take out the garbage, but I’m working” – What could be sweeter? Bowl games do provide a great opportunity to observe some of the nation’s best college coaches in an evenly matched game. So you can make notes on their strategy and tactics etc. One suggestion if the announcer uses the term “Wildcat” then shut the sound.

Here are some games that should be interesting to watch

  1. 12/15 – Nevada vs Arizona – this pits Rich Rod’s Spread Offense vs Chris Ault’s Pistol Offense. Two outstanding innovators squared off against each other. AZ. might have too much talent  for the Nevada


  1. 12/24 Fresno St. vs SMU – only interesting if you want to see June Jones updated Run & Shoot from the Shotgun formation.


  1.  12/27 Baylor vs UCLA – 2 very good offenses. Noel Mazzone will run a little Gun Triple as part of his offensive package for UCLA. Mazzone will run his “snag concept” in the pass game mixed in with high % quicks & screens. UCLA should prevail but the Bears can score.


  1. 12/29  – Rice vs Air Force – Troy Calhoun does some very interesting things out of the Flexbone Offense – very diverse & multiple. If you’re an option guy, this is a game to watch.


  1. 12/29 – WVU vs Syracuse – Dana Holgorson’s Air Raid Attack is fun to watch. It stems from the Mumme/Leach Offense. Dana’s use of Tavon Austin is also a lesson in getting your playmaker the rock. If you’re a defensive guy do NOT watch WVU’s “D”.


  1. 12/29 – Navy vs ASU – Coach Ken does a great job of running the Spread Option Attack. He uses compressed sets, unbalanced & even some Gun. If you’re an Option guy, this game is a must see. Navy could sail by the more talented Sun Devils.


  1. 12/31 – Vandy vs NC ST. – I’ll watch this game because James Franklin is one of the up and coming great coaches. He has done an incredible job with the “Dores in the super tough SEC.


  1. 12/31 – USC vs Ga. Tech – Paul Johnson doesn’t have the players to take on USC,  but it will be interesting to see how PJ can make this a game. The Spread Option of GT will be rolling uphill vs the men of Troy.


  1. 1/1 – So. Carolina vs Mich. – worth a watch just to see Denard Robinson’s last game. The Ol’ ball coach is also good to watch when ever you get the chance.


  1.  1/3 – Oregon vs K State – 2 great coaches & 2 great teams. This maybe one of the 2 best bowl games. Oregon could be the best team in the nation & would be my pick to win a tournament. K-State will have to use the same blueprint Stanford used to upset the Ducks; control the number of possessions & score on a high % of them.


  1.  1/4 – Texas A&M vs OU – Can the Sooners deflate Johnny Football? This game will be fun to watch because the announcers will swoon over Johnny Football. If you don’t have a strong stomach – shut the sound.


  1.  1/7 – ND vs ‘Bama – “Defense – Defense – Defense” If you like rock ‘em sock ‘em old school football – this is your game. Two great defenses head to head. Low scoring but never boring football game. Bama’s O. Line could be the difference in an evenly matched game. However The Irish could “Shake Down the Thunder” if they can slow the game & score early.


These are my dozen bowl games to watch. There are other good ones but I chose this group because of the match ups & the schemes involved. If you can get away with looking at more – go for it – you are really working on the couch with a beer & snacks.