Tony DeMeo

A Culture of Excellence

The goal for our football team in 2010 is to develop “A Culture of Excellence”. Excellence is about being and not just doing. It’s about developing a way of life. Some of our players are on that path & some are not. No one can get on the path of Excellence without DISCIPLINE. Discipline is the common denominator of all successful organizations.
Discipline is doing all that you can do to be all that you can be EVERY day. Consistency is the key component of this daily discipline. Staying the course & doing what we do better every day. Team discipline starts with the coaching staff. We must be disciplined in our approach to the game – stay the course, coach within our system & philosophy. We must BE disciplined to demand discipline. For example if you come to a meeting late you can’t expect your players to be on time. A coach must be the example of what he is demanding from his players. DEMAND the DETAILS – the more demanding you are the more your players will accomplish. You must KNOW the details before you demand them. Response time to request is a clear indicator of discipline. Teach our players response time. Other signs of discipline are: punctuality, uniform, and the cleanliness of the locker room. The key is to make discipline a habit. The bottom line is if we have the right players on the bus (disciplined players) we can spend more time teaching football.
Another key part of excellence is ENTHUSIASM. Enthusiasm is caught not taught. Every practice must HIGH ENERGY – you can’t play with high energy if you don’t practice with high energy. The Coaching Staff must have high energy & enthusiasm before the team can have it. If I do not sense energy in practice I will stop it. Plan practice so it’s fast paced & run from drill to drill.