Tony DeMeo

First Triple Gun Webinar Successful

I had a great time doing the first ever Triple Gun Webinar. The topic was: Installing the Gun Triple Soup to Nuts. We had great attendance and received great feedback. The attendees had a good grasp of option principles & asked insightful questions that benefited all of the attendees. I think webinars are the wave of the future – no travel, weather issues, and talk football in the comfort of your own home or office.

These are some comments by the attendees

“I have to say publicly that I am a 2x coach of the year and champion and finished ranked 4th in our state because of the things I learned from Tony Demeo. However, we only use his under center stuff. This off-season we have been installing the gun stuff with our kids in our OTA sessions. So I decided to sit in on Tony’s webinar last night and I enjoyed it…. Tony answered every question that was posed and kept no secrets.
I am looking forward to the next one and I hope there are many more in the future especially going over the passing game” – Jim Wright
“I thought the webinar was really great and is a must for people either wanting to learn about the Triple Gun or already running the Triple Gun. I first saw TD speak at his UC clinic in 2010 and have became hooked pretty much since then in terms of learning about this offense. I have to be honest I was not brought up in an option system either playing or coaching and have had to learn pretty much everything from the ground up. TD’s resources (books, DVDs, Website, WEBINAR) have all been very helpful to me in learning to understand the Triple Gun and over the past 3 years I have never tired of learning about it.

TD did a great job of explaining the Triple Gun Play from start to finish and addressed the multitude of questions that were asked in a timely manner which was great and even spent some time afterwards answering questions. I am really looking forward to the next webinar on the 20th…” Travis Titus

The next Triple Gun webinar is 3/20 @ 7PM EST & with two one hour sessions. The first session will cover: Using Multiple Formations with the Gun Triple. We will look at the how and why to use multiple formations to make The Gun Triple more effective. We will also cover the advantage of certain formations against specific defensive fronts. It’s much more effective to “minimize the plays and maximize the ways”
The second hour will be devoted to The Triple Gun Play Action Pass Game. In this session we will discuss the principles of the Triple Gun Play Action Pass, the protection schemes, the routes, and the quarterback reads. The Triple Gun Play Action Pass Attack has been extremely productive over the years and has not only produced big plays but also been a high percentage, and very low sack pass game. This is important to option teams so they stay on down and distance schedule.

I would also like to thank our sponsors:

Option Central an excellent option resource
Coach’s Office which produces the software that I have been using for my drawings
Compusports a Coacxhes radio network that I’ve done podcasts for (they had a great podcast with Mouse Davis)

We still have some spots available for the second Triple Gun webinar so if you would like for you & your staff to attend –sign up Tony DeMeo Webinar 7 and join other Triple Gunners.